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You've heard about David Hyde, the intern working at the UN that had to live in a tent and quit over the last few days. Publicity stunt or not, his action has shed light on an issue most students are facing: unpaid internships.

How can you afford to live in a decent environment without getting paid? By not paying interns, we reproduce an unfair socio-economical model in which only the ones that can afford to get experience will get experience. It isn't fair that your career & future should depend on your social background rather than your abilities.

We, interns, parents, professors, the private sector, the civil society, politicians - and anyone who thinks this is unfair - will strive to end unpaid interships.

We urge the United Nations, all EU Member States and countries around the world, to consider our call and to solve the issue of unpaid internships.

What you can do to help:

  1. By signing this petition, you are raising awareness for this shameful practice, thus actively contributing to making the world fairer for interns.
  2. By downloading these letter templates (EN, DE, FR, SP) and sending them to your country’s representatives you are advocating for fair internships on the national scale thus contributing to our purpose on the long-term, larger scale.

Help us go VIRAL to get things moving:

  • Sign and share this petition
  • Like, follow & share our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Post a picture of yourself on social media with a piece of paper stating “I worked for the (insert NGO/institution), it cost me (XXXX €)” and use the hashtag #‎FreeTheInterns and #UnpaidInternships. Don’t forget to tag us!

Support today’s youth, be a part of the change!

Élodie, Fatima, Hannah, María & Sofía

Get in touch at: freetheinterns@gmail.com

Special thanks to Pablo, Philippe and Sara

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