Bring Michael Home!!

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My Down syndrome community needs help. A 20 year old boy with Down syndrome is in need of your voice! Please sign this petition! They live in a small rural town in Texas. 

From his mom: 

My son Michael has Down syndrome. He made a mistake, was arrested and sent to Mexia State Supported Living Center with NO end date. He has been there for 60 days. He has gotten pneumonia in the first 50 days. The DA and court appointed attorney talked and agreed Michael could go to a group home. The living center is saying even with a judges order they still have the option of making him stay. Michael just calls me crying and begging to come home. I don't even know what to tell him. Because of technical issues He is NOT allowed to go home for Christmas.  He doesn't understand why he is not at home. His IQ is only 50.  Prior to his arrest he saw something on a tv show. He took a small knife(possibly butter knife) to the gas station and threw the butter knife across the counter.  He didn't hit anyone. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This living center has people that have been there for 2 decades. If they keep them there the facility gets more money from the state. Without support my son with Down syndrome will not be allowed to leave!! He is a child, only 20 years old. He needs a family to have a meaningful life. I adopted him from an orphanage in Russia, help me keep him from suffering a similar fate here in the USA! Help me bring Michael home AGAIN!!!! He needs a pro bono lawyer. 

Michael and his mom have a plan! There is a local group home that only has one other young man in it. Michael could be placed there. That's what he wants. She could see him any time and he can come home whenever he wants. The group homes in the area all get together for parties, dances, and other activities. He would thrive in that kind of environment. He's been talking about it since he was 15. He wants to get a job and have guy friends his age. He also wants to find a girlfriend. All things we want for any of our children. He will not be able to live that life if he is kept at the Mexia Living Center. Bring him home!

 #downsyndrome #disabilityrights #humanrights