To evacuate climbers trapped in Papua Province

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My brother Mike Beede wrote this on Facebook today about my other brother, John Beede and his fellow climbers. His words are better than what I could describe what's happening right now. If there's anything you can do, please help us. 

"Facebook, my brother, John Beede is in critical danger, and a United States Corporation, Freeport McMoran, is in a unique position to help him. 

John is currently in Papau, New Guinea, Indonesia where he was climbing Carstenz Pyramid-- one of the “Seven Summits” (the tallest peak on each continent). While climbing down the mountain, Indonesia held a highly contested election that led many groups in the remote portions of Indonesia to seek independence. John is in the most remote part of the country where cannibalism was practiced less than 50 years ago. When the political strife broke out, the porters which were accompanying my brother and his companions deserted them—stealing their food, clean water, and any hope of hiking out. These porters were all local tribesman whose presence in the group was meant to ensure their safe travel through hostile lands. The local tribes are warring with one-another, outside forces, and internally. The guide company that John hired was legally required to have a contingency plan to airlift the climbers out in case of political emergency. Yet, the company does not have the required insurance or access to a helicopter. To make matters worse, because they are at 12,500 ft, most helicopters cannot fly at that altitude.

The hikers are camped just outside the Freeport Mine, owned by Freeport McMoRan of Phoenix, Arizona. They are stuck between the mine and the warring tribes. The climbers have asked the mine for humanitarian assistance, but the mine refuses to help. They have provided basic rice and water to keep them alive, but nothing more. They refuse to help evacuate the climbers, despite the fact that there are Americans and EU citizens in need. The mine has told them to simply hike out. For the reasons above, this is impossible, and would put their lives in serious risk.
I have been in contact with the US Embassy in Jakkarta, but they claim that there is little that can be done for my brother and his companions, and that they need to find a solution themselves. While John called me on a satellite phone on Friday to let me know that he is alive, the phone has since run out of battery. He is in dire need of help, and there are only two feasible options that we have been able to identify:

1) The Freeport McMoRan mining company assists with the evacuation. They have the manpower, resources, and equipment to get John and his companions back to civilization within 4 hours.
2) The US Embassy steps up its efforts to assist the climbers. We were told by those close to the embassy that pressure from high-ranking US officials would spur action from the US Government.

So what can be done?
1) Call the Freeport McMoRan Mine and DEMAND that they assist these climbers for humanitarian reasons. The climbers are victims of political circumstances beyond their control. If a company wishes to enjoy the benefits of US Protection abroad, they ought to extend humanitarian aid to US citizens in need. We have been trying to reach anyone with any authority at the mine for days, but have not had any return calls. It seems that they would like for this problem to just go away. Please tweet, facebook, or call them to insist that they offer humanitarian rescue to the climbers in Papau, New Guinea. Their contact information is here: 602-366-8100

2) Call your local senator, congressman, or state department official and demand that they put pressure on the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia to assist these climbers. You can find their contact info here:

So please, I am asking for your help to save my brother’s life by contacting the folks above."

Additionally, this man is an incredible person who travels the country to change the lives of youth through motivational speaking. He and his fellow climbers really need all the help they can get.

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