Fight against Luca LC's prosecution #FREELUCALC

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Luca LC, 13 year old school boy possibly being sent to court for owning school year 8 meme page. The teachers are threatening to send Luca to court over creating the meme page, which is unlikely although they still have the power to get him a detention, suspension and possibly even expel him over an innocent meme page.

This situation is absolute asinine. Luca could possibly get in legal trouble for using the school's abbreviation in a PRIVATE meme page! Here are the reasons why what the school are trying to get him in trouble for are invalid:

     1. The school name was not used at all; all that was used was the
         school's abbreviation which is not trademarked. 
     2. They claim he used the school's logo when he did not.
     3. They think the account is public which it isn't; it's private.
     4. If they're threatening Luca about his account, why aren't they threatening the 
         "school discord" owned by the year captains with users such as "Jonathan
          The Snitch" and many other people - some of them aren't even from the

It's apparent that the school only cares about looking good in the public eye. They prefer public charm over good education. Let's not talk about education now because we could go on and on about it.

Please sign this petition and help the cause. Put #FREELUCALC on your story if you support the freedom of making pages on Instagram which won't get berated by the school for the reason of looking good in the public. Put it on your story if you support the idea that the school gets no right to invade your privacy and social media. I'm glad I'm already working because if I get expelled I probably won't go back to any school. Help the cause and spread the word. Get your mates to sign the petition. It may be shown to the principal when I get called up next!

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