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Be Legal

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Started by Ruksar Khan


Indian Constitution is the holy book of our respected Nation.We the people of India are obedient citizens, bounded by laws of the land enjoying Human, Natural, Constitutional, Fundamental rights are also abide to perform fundamental duties/obey law as we are the care taker of our holy book i.e. (Samvidhan) Constitution of India.

Lets contribute our part of responsibility towards the nation and fight for justice against what is not legal.

No authority is empowered to alter the basic structure of our constitution, as per Article 368.

Fundamental rights awarded in chapter 3 cannot be miss-used to take misappropriate advantage leading to discrimaination, prejudice,hurt religious sentiments in contravention of Artice 15.

Article 25 says "all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate religion subject to public order, morality and health."

Further, Article 26 says that all denominations can manage their own affairs in matters of religion.

With reference to the abovedesigned sayings of our Constitution Hijab is a natural, human, constitutional and moreover a legal right of a Muslim Women.

 Since, Hijab is not a matter of public opinion but a personal choice of a law abiding citizen practicing Islam.

Therefore, practice of muslim citizens(wearing hijab) cannot be questioned or prohibited unless it contravenes any provisions of the law of the land.

��Let the law be unambigious��




327 have signed. Let’s get to 500!