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Remake the ending of Pretty Little Liars

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The Pretty Little Liars ending was a big letdown. Let's face it, Alex Spencer Hastings twin sister, seriously?! Marlene we can't deal with your happy endings anymore. You had 7 years to finish the show on a high and you didn't. Instead, you pulled the 3rd evil twin card, and I have news for you. It's old. 

AD could have been some big character that had been in the show from the start. Instead, you ruined the whole show making it some stupid character that didn't really have a place in the show. You let down die hard PLL fans were looking for proof from the very first season and were convinced that AD was someone we knew and loved. It wasn't. It was cute that everyone had a happy ever after with their loved ones but a real show finally deserved better twists, more deaths and answers to our dying questions. 

I. Marlene King here are some good picks for an AD people would have apreciated: Caleb had the smarts to create a board game, Ezra could still be crazy for Alison, Paige she could have done this for Emily or Lucas could have wanted revenge for Charlotte. Marlene seeing you really love the whole evil twin how about enterwine her into it by Alex working with Caleb or Ezra or Paige! 

I'm sorry to say this but Marlene this ending is terrible. The internet is furious over the stupid, dumb ending to a show that hundreds of thousands have loved for years. Now you have missed it. Because of this letdown, we want the show finale remade. A full 2-hour episode remade with the twists and turns that your views actually wanted. Maybe you should listen to your fans and see what they actually really wanted. 

P.S. Please dont make a spinoff. 

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