#SaveShadowhunters, get Freeform to sign over the rights to a company that cares.

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As we all know, on Monday, Freeform offically tried to cancel "Shadowhunters", they haven't responded to anyone's complaints nor have they gave up their rights so another, more trustworthy and reliable, company can take over and save our show.

Over the past few days the fans of this show have tweeted over 5 million times using the hashtags #SaveShadowhunters and #PickUpShadowhunters, getting multiple articles written about the situation and recruiting new fans. 

The fandom has bonded together in the past few days, despite how much we argue about characters, actors and ships, this is our show. 

It's our fandom, despite it's problems, and if we don't save this show, then we won't have a fandom to defend.