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This is an amazing tv show that has so much potential! Its Inspiring and the characters are so Down to Earth and theres so much raw emotion. This show is all about Family and Love and Scify all in one...its relatable and it was unfortunately cancelled due to low ratings. 

Im an international user so I was unable to use the Freeform website to see the eps or I would have. Most countries outside the US have no access to the page and as you can see most Fans of Beyond are in fact international users. Thats partly the reason why there were low ratings...The other reason was Lack of Promotion...the proof is from any of Freeform's pages. Their lack of promotion of this show was enough that people dont know what the show is really about which is why they dont watch. Promoting it with clips or even images would have been helpful. Instead Freeform focused on other tv shows about sexualism or spinoffs of old tv series that have actually finished. Give this show one more chance. People care about this show. It inspired them. Give it more episodes. Ever thought of how far other Network Shows come and how successful they are? They have MORE EPISODES REGARDLESS OF HOW WELL THEY DID IN RATINGS.

#BringBackBeyond Hear us Fans!