Freedom of blogger Vlad Maga ( Vladislav Mosesov)

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A Belarusian blogger with Armenian roots, Vladislav Mosesov, commonly known as Vlad Maga, announced in a video message that Azerbaijan has started a persecution against him after he visited the country.

Vlad Maga is a very popular blogger in post-Soviet Union countries (Here is his channel-…/UCS1AgVYYPmimvYKr-pYkKxA/featured ). He has been in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,  Ukraine, Daghestan, Chechnia, France, Germany, Belgium, Holand etc. Vlad Maga hitchhikes without money and records what's happening in his travel. His blog's goal is to show different people as they are. 
In Azerbaijan, the locals told Vlad about the awful dictatorship managed by Ilham Aliyev. Vlad also had managed to find the house in Ganja (Kirovabad) which belonged to his Armenian grandmother before they fled the Armenian pogroms. As it is a very unusual thing in Azerbaijan to take the camera and ask locals about their life, the Azerbaijani police were regularly "following" Vlad and checking his passport. (Vlad's trip to Azerbaijan -
Threats against him began after he published a video about his trip to Azerbaijan.

“Yesterday the ministry of foreign affairs of Azerbaijan declared me wanted. I have already left Belarus, but I can’t reveal where I’m going for security reasons,” the blogger said. I ask all the countries that consider me an ally to take measures with regards to my situation. My life is in danger. They are following me at every turn.”
He added that if he fails to reach out 3 days after the video message, something bad has happened to him.


Белорусский блогер Влад Мага после публикации на Youtube выпуска своего тревэл-шоу о поездке по Азербайджану (стал получать многочисленные угрозы.Белорусский блогер объявил о преследовании со стороны Азербайджана после того, как он побывал в стране. Об этом блогер заявил в своем видеообращении.

«Вчера Министерство иностранных дел Азербайджана объявил меня в розыск. Я уже покинул свою страну, куда направлюсь, пока сказать не могу в целях безопасности. Прошу все страны, которые считают меня союзником, примите какие-либо меры по моей ситуации. Моя жизнь находится в опасности. За мной идет слежка на каждом шагу», - отметил в обращении блогер (

Он добавил, что если через 3 суток после этого видеообращения не выйдет на связь, значит с ним случилось что-то плохое.
Жизнь белорусского блогера находится в опасности!