Freedom for Mateluna

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 Problem - Santiago, Chile, 2013 - Jorge Mateluna Rojas was sentenced to 16 years in prison for a robbery that he did not commit. Evidence was manipulated by police officers who are now under investigation for falsifying evidence and obstructing justice.

Jorge has been in Santiago high security jail for 5 years. His appeal at the Supreme Court happens on the 4th of Dec 2018.

 Why did this happen? - Because Jorge was a former resistance fighter during the Pinochet regime and known to the police. He had already served 12 years for his actions as part of the political group, the FPMR.
He and many other political prisoners were pardoned in 2004 but for Jorge, his freedom was short lived when he became the victim of a media circus, abuse of power and failure of justice.


 Solution - Thus far Jorge’s case has been focused in Chile and in Spanish but his story tells a dangerous tale of the legacy of a dictatorship and how it can continue to influence and contaminate a country’s justice system long after is has been removed from power. 

 Our Aim - is to raise public awareness of this story on an International scale, to increase pressure for his release and to be a part of changing a culture of crime within Chilean law enforcement and complacency within the Chilean Judiciary.


 We would encourage journalists with an interest in human rights to take this story further.

A Political Prisoner “A person incarcerated or facing prosecution for actions carried out in support of legitimate struggles for self-determination* or for opposing the illegal policies of the government or its political subdivisions.”