Free Dr. Bamdad

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Doctor Bamdad, a 66 years old physician, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison, for believing in his patients and prescribing pain medication to them when they claimed to be in extreme pain.

He is an honest family man, and a great medical doctor. His place is not in a federal prison, but in the society helping those in need. His case was misunderstood by the authorities, and he was wrongfully convicted.

He is now in his late 60s, and having served almost 10 years in federal prisons, he has developed all kinds of health issues. All this while he missed out on his daughters' high school and college graduations, and is going to miss other important milestones of their lives.

We request his freedom so that he can spend the rest his life with his wife and three daughters. Please sign and post a comment if you agree and want to show your support for his Petition to the Office of the Pardon Attorney (Petition # C288375) for a pardon. Help us end the nightmare!

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