Freedom for Corey McCullough

Freedom for Corey McCullough

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Why this petition matters

Dear Governor Whitmer,

As you have stated many times, there is a well-known racial disparity in how individuals are prosecuted and sentenced in Michigan's criminal justice system.  Understanding this, when we find blatant examples of such disparities it is incumbent upon us as a community to act and provide relief to those who are the victims of such disparities.  Corey McCullough is indeed one such victim.

There are four words vital to the criminal justice system in this country: beyond a reasonable doubt. However, these four words did not protect Corey McCullough, just as they have failed to protect so many young black men before and since.

Corey McCullough as an only child grew up with his mother Marva and his grandmother closely by his side. Marva worked jobs to provide for the family while Corey attended and graduated from MLK Highschool in Detroit. He enjoyed playing football for the varsity team and did well in his academics at school. Following graduation, he moved to Grand Rapids to attend Grand Rapids Community College.

The only prior trouble Corey found himself in was in low level drug offenses including time served for Marijuana. On the evening in question, Corey was involved in a marijuana deal, and things went bad. He remained on the outside of the home while two others went inside to make the deal.  This is when the murder, Corey was convicted of occurred. Despite no suspicion that he pulled the trigger and committed the murder, and no meaningful evidence that Corey was ever even in the home, Corey was found guilty by association and received 60-99 years. Corey has already served 17 years for a murder nobody believes he actually committed. 

While incarcerated Corey lost his grandmother. He was not allowed to attend her funeral and was only allowed to see her body one last time at the viewing.  He was in shackles. This visit cost the family $600, and substantial time and effort to make it happen.

While serving time Corey has found solace in working out and doing yoga. In an effort to obtain his freedom, Corey has been in contact with Humanity For Prisoners and has obtained 7 relevant FOIA documents regarding his case.

Upon obtaining freedom Corey will return home to his family in Detroit. He will be provided a home and welcomed to a new start by his mother Marva. He has a strong community waiting for his return along with other Michael Thompson Clemency Project constituent families and loved one’s.

Corey McCullough has exhausted all alternative legal remedies, and now turns to you, Governor Gretchen Whitmer for reprieve. Executive commutation or pardon is the only relief available from a sentence that lacks confidence and integrity. Corey’s conviction rests upon a prosecutorial “hunch” supported by merely speculative and circumstantial evidence.  Corey is an innocent man and justice demands that he be once again allowed to walk free.  Governor Whitmer, we plead with you to sign Corey McCullough's commutation order and allow him the opportunity to walk free in our society once again.


190 have signed. Let’s get to 200!