President Donald Trump grant clemency to Curtis McDonald Non-Violent Offender

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My Uncle Curtis McDonald has been in Federal prison for 20 years. He is serving a  Life sentence as a nonviolent first time drug offender. He was never a bad person he was a professional gambler who fell on hard times, but to give him this much time in exchange for convicted criminals testimonies who were actually caught with drugs and would do whatever they could to receive a lighter sentence.

My Uncle Curtis has accepted responsibility for his actions that led to his imprisonment and has used that experience to better his life and the lives of others. . This has been very trying on my family and I have been fighting this fight since I was 16 years old I am now 38. My Uncle Curtis is a part of a mentoring program at FCI Memphis that assist young men re-entering society to never come back to prison, which is one thing he has no chance of having unless he is granted clemency.

He has been a model inmate and had never been to jail a day in his life prior to being incarcerated on Oct. 31, 1996. He had never received a traffic ticket. He has always been very involved in the community, helping families for Christmas and pay light bills with state funded programs wouldn't assist them. He may not have a lot of money, but I know his heart and purpose in life is still to help others in need. He is the second child of eleven and my grandfather who is 86 says the chance of possibly seeing him free keeps him holding on.

I know if given the opportunity to be granted clemency my Uncle Curtis along with the rest of my family will be complete again and the promise I made to my dying BigMomma will be fulfilled. My Uncle Curtis has 3 children who have grown up without their father and now has seven grandchildren. Although, he calls me everyday I have not seen my uncle in nine years he has gotten older and it is very emotional for the both of us. It will be a dream come true for me to get that call. He just turned 68 in June 6, 2018 and it is my sincere prayer that he not die in jail.”

It is my prayer that he will not miss another Birthday, Christmas, Graduation, or Family gathering. Please help me by signing this petition to set my Uncle Curtis McDonald free.

Thanks in advance from the McDonald Family.