Free water for all in Germany (at pools, bars, restaurants, music venues, public spaces..)

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Water should be available to everyone.

And yet, some businesses take a cynical consumerist route and ban the access to tap water, while we may not notice that our basic rights are being taken away bit by bit. Open air swimming pools for instance - Haubentaucher and Badeschiff in Berlin's districts of Friedrichshain-Treptow, are demanding that upon paying the entrance fee, visitors also give up on their water containers, same goes for music venues such as Kreuzberg's Lido. A practice particularly inhumane on summer days when heat can reach nearly 40C, making it impossible for visitors to avoid purchasing liquids (and additional plastic), for themselves and their little ones.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and its neighbor districts are tied to a long history of social and political resistence, including the RAW region in which the Haubentaucher is situated, while the Badeschiff has been associated with communal initiatives such as the cleaning of the Spree, in the region around the pool. Clearly the image of ugly consumerism hasn't caught on yet with the owners.

The current German law calls for assisting those who are already unwell, but as of June 2019 there is yet no clear legislation (unlike several other EU countries) regarding the availability of tap water, and or plastic usage.

Limiting the availability of tap water by businesses who make their profit elsewhere (even if they are, or have a bar) should be discussed further. It is particularly damaging to weaker demographics - the children, the ill, the elderly and the poor.

It is estimated there are 10k homeless people in Berlin, it is the capital of unemployment and collectors of unemployment benefits, which are increasingly becoming not enough to get by on. One in every five Berliners is officially considered "poor" by governmental standards. But this isn't about Berlin itself, this is about creating an infrastructure that reconizes the need for access to free water and relieving people from the shame of having to beg for it upon being refused again and again.

Join us! how?
- First let's make some noise on social media, avoid these businesses and make sure others know who they are.
- Then continue working on legal recognition of the basic human right to water, even in the comfort of the west. We must remember not everyone can afford these basics, and we certainly must not wave the right to water away.