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Petitioning District Attorney Craig Ladd

Free Tommy Houser For Defending Himself From Registered Sex Offender.


Tommy Houser is facing a first degree murder charge in Ardmore, OK - Carter County, for killing the man who drugged and raped him, likely infecting him with HIV in the process. The man Tommy killed is Spencer Hales, Jr., a 50 year old registered sex offender who was known for luring young men to his home by promising them beer and marijuana. Tommy Houser has been locked up for defending himself from a sexual predator. Call Distrct Attorney Craig Ladd, (580) 223-9674, Please sign this petition to allow Tommy Houser to go free.

Letter to
District Attorney Craig Ladd
UPDATE - Tommy Houser was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for defending himself against a sexual predator. Let District Attorney Craig Ladd know how you feel for his improper action into this case. Craig Ladd is a waste of space in the legal profession and shouldn't be allowed to practice law because of the endless improper actions he's performed while in office.

Please allow Tommy Houser to walk free for trying to defend himself against the rape from registered sex offender, Spencer Hales, Jr. Tommy Houser reacted in the manner most people would, if they could, against his/her sex abuser. This registered sex offender was a known criminal, and should have been locked up in a prison for his crimes instead of walking the streets to prey upon and violate even more citizens and create more victims of the monster, Spencer Hales, Jr.