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Free the Virgin Islands 3 - Help end 44-years of U.S. Political Imprisonment in the Isles

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    The "Virgin Islands 3" have actually been held in imprison for over 44-years, 29-years by the U.S. government, and the past 15-years by its puppet colonial regimes over the Virgin Islands. In 2000-01, the U.S. government dropped the pretense of detaining them based on the purported "sentences" it imposed on them back in 1972, when it retired their federal prisoner numbers and terminated its custody of them. In so doing their sentences were terminated and by law, were free men since they had no other sentences anywhere else, but the U.S. did not free them. Instead, it "transferred" them to the custody of the colonial government for indefinite and illegal detention.

    This past December, the three petitioned the U.S. District Court of the Virgin Islands, the same court that sent them to prison, to end their illegal detention by the colonial government. Instead of the judges of that court obeying the law in processing their petitions, they conspired with the colonial jailers to round the men up and put them into maximum-security isolation. This action occurred on December 31, the same day by law that they should have been released. They remain in the "hole," while the court has still not processed their petitions in violation of domestic and international law. 

    The issue is a simple and irrefutable one, these men have been detained for the past 15-years without even the pretense of sentences. Their detention is illegal, and revealing that indeed their imprisonment has always been purely political. And actually, no court order should even be required to set these men free, all the colonial governor has to do is to comply with domestic and international law on Human Rights. For this reason we ask people to sign the petition to Governor Kenneth Mapp to do his duty to his people, stop violating the law, and set these men free now. 

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