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Free the shoulder!

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All of these rules are ridiculous. Girls are constantly getting sent home or to in school suspension because of their clothes. School systems are the first issue in this problem. Girls should not be pulled out of class for showing their shoulders. It is not distracting for the boys. It’s shoulders. Everyone has them. Girls should not be removed from a classroom because their clothing is deemed “too distracting.” By saying that shoulders are too distracting for boys, you are valuing the education of male students over the education of female students.. The education quality should be the bigger concern, but more and more we hear about dress code. Students watch their peers get removed frequently in their classrooms. Shoulders are not distracting anyone from classroom lessons. Students do need a distraction free learning environment, but stopping class to send a girl home or to send a girl to the office is a distraction. No one is going to fail a class because they saw another person’s shoulder. The archaic dress codes that are enforced at schools nowadays need to be revised! As long as a shirt isn't exposing a girl's breasts, they should be allowed to wear them. Even with spaghetti straps, no boy ever looks at a girl and thinks, "Wow! That shoulder is REALLY sexy and it's distracting me from my learning!" Instead of body-shaming girls and telling them they're responsible for boys' actions, we should focus more on not turning female students into sexual objects. The reason why these stupid dress codes are created is because the school systems believe that when a girl(and only girls) wear tank tops, their shoulders distract other classmates from their class work. This is a result of the unnecessary sexualization of showing a little skin, even though the temperatures may be boiling hot. If you really want the problem t go away, first stop sexualizing tank tops. It's ridiculous! This is NO different than saying that woman should cover their ankles because of someone else's inability to focus or see them as normal body parts. It is just a style of a shirt and what is wrong about wearing another kind of a shirt? I always wear tank tops. And not just girls but boys too. And what is wrong of showing off your skin? It is part of our body and we should always love our body. We are tired of discrimination. I have a concern and I would like to bring to your attention. In today’s society, a woman’s body is constantly discriminated against and hypersexualized to the point where we can no longer wear the clothing that we feel comfortable in without the accusation and/or assumption that we are being provocative. This unjust mindset towards women is absolutely absurd. The fact that authority figures, especially males, can tell young women they must cover up their shoulders and their backs because it’s “inappropriate” and “a distraction” is very uncomforting. Schools are the social building blocks in an adolescent’s life meant to teach them how to communicate and develop relationships with others and also learning about themselves and who they want to be. It’s preached upon us to be individual, to be ourselves. The double standard here is that when we try, we are then told we’re wrong. We may not truly dress, act or speak how we want because authority figures, and I use that term very loosely such as yourself, tell us we can’t. Yes, I understand there are restrictions to how much and how little of your body that shows, but that applies when people show up in their bikinis or bra and panties. Though I do believe women should legally be allowed to publicly be shirtless considering males are, it’s mindsets like yours that keep that as something that is shamed upon. So no, I will not search for something to cover up my back and shoulders because I am not showing them off with the intention to gain positive sexual feedback from the teenage boys in my school. I am especially not showing them to receive any comments, positive or negative, from anybody else besides myself because the only person who can make any sort of judgment on my body and the fabrics I place on it is me. If you are truly so concerned that a boy in this school will get distracted by my upper back and shoulders then he needs to be sent home and practice self control.

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