Free the Photos and Protestors !

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On May 1, 2018,  Scott Largent was protesting Santa Clara County's family courts and the District Attorney's Office refusal to enforce orders for his to see his daughter when he was  singled out by Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputies Rey and Gomez and arrested.

Pressure the San Jose Mercury New's Tracey Kaplan, as well as  viral videos protesters posted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,  ultimately got the Sheriffs to admit they had falsely arrested Largent  for excessive force and for violating a February 2017 order of presiding judge Patricia Lucas, who had Largent arrested on a public sidewalk  in nothing short of pure retaliation. 

Largent has not seen his nearly 3- year-old daughter for two years as the family courts, and DA Jeff Rosen refuse to enforce the orders and appear instead to be criminalizing Largent and other protesters for speaking out against family court corruption and unfairness.

Judge Patricia Lucas used an order to arrest Largent that many claim is an unconstitutional order. An order designed to restrict free speech after the court was embarrassed by the movement that brought attention to controversial Judge Arron Pesky following a ruling in a sexual assault case of Brock Turner on the Stanford University campus. However, history shows parents have been complaining about unfair judges and court corruption as far back as 1995.

Largent came on the retaliation radar after he began speaking up in Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meetings where Mike Wasserman is reported to have used the DA and Sheriffs to silence Largent and his supporters in an effort to keep the county's family court issues out of the public eye.

Controversial divorce lawyer Heather Allan,  recently began representing Largent's child's mother, who is reportedly violating orders and actively engaging in parental alienation, with the help of Allan.

Unethical lawyers and corrupt judges and politicians need to be investigated.

Please join us in putting a STOP to the harming of families and children in our local family courts.

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