Let SOS MEDITERRANEE save lives at sea, free the Ocean Viking!

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The Ocean Viking is still prevented from saving lives

Dear signatory,  
It has now been more than a month since the Ocean Viking was detained by the Italian authorities. Thank you for signing the petition demanding her release! You can support us further by sharing the petition on Facebook and Twitter to help us reach 150,000 signatures. 
The Ocean Viking is blocked in Porto Empedocle, Sicily, prevented from saving lives at sea. Meanwhile, women, men and children continue to flee Libya, a country ravaged by war, where human trafficking is rife and chaos reigns. For those who attempt to cross the Mediterranean in unseaworthy makeshift boats, the risk of drowning at Europe’s doorstep is high – especially while rescue ships are detained. 
Last week, UN agencies reported that at least 45 people died off the coast of Libya in a terrible shipwreck. 
SOS MEDITERRANEE is doing everything to have the detention lifted off the Ocean Viking as soon as possible. By signing and sharing this petition you refuse to turn a blind eye to the tragedy taking place in the Central Mediterranean. Thank you for your support!  

1 month ago