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Free the Halawas - 4 siblings ( Irish citizens) who are unlawfully imprisoned in Cairo by the current government.

As all of you are aware, the situation in Egypt is very dangerous with thousands of innocent people being killed. We believe that the Irish authorities do not understand just how dangerous the situation with the Halawas really is. The situation is being taken very lightly at the moment. We cannot waste any time whatsoever, action must be taken immediately. The Halawas are Irish citizens; the Irish government must do its level best to ensure that the Halawas arrive back in Ireland safely. The Halawas like many other people in Egypt now are unlawfully imprisoned. They are innocent and should be released immediately. Hopefully this petition will be a big help in helping to bring them back safely, please if you could take a few minutes to sign the petition, your co-operation and help is greatly appreciated. 

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  • Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade Department of Foreign Affairs.
    Mr. Eamon Gilmore,

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