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Meeting of Cherokee Committee March 19, 2013 from Cheryl

millie bowling
Liberty, NC

Mar 20, 2013 — The bears have to wait until the April Tribal Council meeting before a decision determining their live. The elders did a great job last night presenting their resolution to close the zoos and relocate the bears to sanctuaries. The owner of the Cherokee Zoo claimed the pressure is coming from “outside” of Cherokee and not the decision of the Cherokee people. The Cherokee Bear Zoo owner is still proclaiming they are not in violation of any laws and all this is happening because of outside influences.
Those is a false statements, she and the Chief are the only ones insisting on displaying wild animals on the Qualla Boundary. The Chief says he wants public input but has blocked all the emails to the council members.

One way you can help is to go to tripadvisor Cherokee Zoo in Cherokee N. C. and let them know what you think of the abuse of bears.

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