Richard Stallman must be FSF president or FSF should continue to defend freedom of users!

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We have always favored the freedom of users. Richard Stallman was right about a lot of things. There's subreddit about Richard Stallman in Reddit because he's mostly right.

I suggest you read the articles.

What you are doing is an ad hominem attack that also implies personal sanctions.

Richard Stallman, a troll network of lies and media failure

I think the articles are generally correct, but they may contain some incorrect information.

A huge smear campaign was created for Richard Stallman. GNOME and Red Hat expressed their views on the events.

GNOME threatened GNU and FSF.

GNOME Foundation relationship with GNU and the FSF

It was a tragic event to hide the messages of people of opposing views.

Apart from GNOME, Red Hat also expressed its opinion.

Open letter to the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors

We understand that Red Hat wants open-source communities to be involved. Open source does not care about ethical values. If we want to defend the freedom of users, we must defend free software.

I suggest you read the article.

Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software

It is time to defend the free software philosophy that Richard Stallman created for us users. Richard Stallman has defended our freedom in the software field for years with free software philosophy. Now we have a responsibility.

I think the article in the link below is very funny.

Richard Stallman Does Not and Cannot Speak for the Free Software Movement

Richard Stallman was an advocate of free software philosophy. We're going to try to explain what you're doing.

  1. GNU has created the operating system.
  2. He defended copyleft.
  3. GNU GPLv3 was created. In this way, a measure against tivoization was taken. As far as we know, tivoization limits users' choice of software.
  4. Richard Stallman to Microsoft: Publicly retract 'open source is a cancer' claim

If you want to do something for free software philosophy, let me explain.

  1. Send an email to the FSF stating that you want Richard Stallman to continue as president. In addition, write that you want users to continue defending their freedom. Mailing address and telephone/fax numbers
  2. Support and share this campaign.
  3. Boycott GNOME and Red Hat. Don't donate to GNOME. If you are using Red Hat, stop using it. In the event of a negative situation in the FSF in the future, cancel your membership.
  4. Warn those who emit false information.
  5. If possible, write messages to the GNOME team that you do not support the decision. Contact Us
  6. Write an email saying you don't like the article at Software Freedom Conservancy. Contact the Conservancy
  7. Email
  8. Tell Red Hat that you don't like the article, it shouldn't support open source, it should support free software. Contacting Customer Service
  9. Send email to the email addresses specified in the article. FSF and GNU
  10. Email

October 2019 Update

An article was published on the website of the Free Software Foundation.


After this article was published, some people published an article. They criticized Richard Stallman in this article.

Joint statement on the GNU Project

We think the article is similar to those published by Software Freedom Conservancy and Red Hat. That's why we're worried.