Free Sheba And end the Devore Animal Slaughter Shelter in San Bernardino County, CA.

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Sheba is a beloved 11 year old German Shepherd who is currently imprisoned at the Devore animal shelter. For over a year Sheba has been kept in a small, 5x5 dark concrete cell where she has no bed or blanket to shield her from the cold hard floor, no toys to stimulate her and no interaction to help her cope with the isolation. Sheba has never been out of the cell and is deprived of any exercise. Her 81 year old owner, Jose “Pepe” Sanchez travels 40 miles three days a week to see Sheba, is allowed only 5 minutes for each visit and is denied physical contact with Sheba. The severity of these restrictions are causing unnecessary mental anguish resulting in physical harm to Mr. Sanchez and Sheba.

Sheba was erroneously labeled a “vicious” dog by San Bernardino County (SBC) because of a single incident with another dog, who is fine and doing well. The owners of the other dog agree that Sheba should not be killed and have written a letter to the County asking them to refrain from killing Sheba.

Several months after that single incident, Sheba wandered from Mr. Sanchez’s property. Sheba was not involved in any trouble while away, nonetheless, authorities confiscated Sheba and ordered that she be killed. Sheba’s behavior was not “vicious,” does not warrant a death sentence, and does not justify being kept in a small cell under such terrible conditions.

Justice dictates that Sheba be returned to the only family she has known and the man who has raised her and loved her since she was an eight - week old puppy. Since Sheba’s removal, Mr. Sanchez has erected a fenced in enclosure on his property to secure Sheba and prevent her from leaving. Additional reasonable restrictions can be imposed as conditions for Sheba’s return.

There are several qualified dog rescue groups who are available and prepared to take Sheba and provide her with the rehabilitation and training she will need following the months of confinement and abuse she has been subjected to at Devore animal shelter. Relocation plans to another county are also in place should personnel at Devore insist that Sheba be sent to another county.

While returning Sheba to Mr. Sanchez is our preferred relief, releasing Sheba to a sanctuary or rescue group is an alternative to save Sheba’s life and eliminate a tremendous cost to taxpayers. Transferring Sheba to a rescue group is in keeping with SBC Animal Control’s own policy which states that it is a goal of SBC Animal Care and Control to reduce the number of companion animals euthanized in animal shelters. As such, SBC Animal Care and Control cooperatively releases animals to both partner and non-partner non-profit animal rescue groups in an attempt to achieve this goal.

Sheba deserves the same consideration and benefit as other dogs that have been confiscated (for far worse reasons) and that are allowed to be pulled by a non-profit rescue for rehabilitation and rehoming. SBC Animal Care and Control should release Sheba to a qualified rescue.

Sheba is a senior dog with only a short time to live. She does not pose a threat to public safety. She deserves to spend her final months with her loving owner, Mr. Sanchez, who also deserves to be with his beloved Sheba in his final years. Keeping them apart serves no legitimate purpose.

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The Devote shelter has a reputation as a high kill shelter, uncaring staff members and incompetent supervisors.

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