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Free Seating in the Cafeteria at Lynnhaven Middle School

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     Students in the seventh and eighth grade at Lynnhaven Middle School have assigned seating by our last names as punishment for the misbehavior of one small group of students.  I believe that this punishment is unfair to the students at LMS who follow the cafeteria rules and have done nothing wrong.

      Eighth and seventh graders should be preparing for high school by having the freedom and responsibilities of high schoolers, not being treated as we are in elementary school.  This treatment of the eighth grade at Lynnhaven Middle School will make it more of a difficult transition to high school next year.  

     Furthermore,  Lunch is supposed to be the time where we can chat with our friends.  Now that our seating is assigned, students are more inclined to talk to their friends during class time, which disrupts class instruction.  

     I believe the best solution to this issue is to punish the students who are misbehaving, not the entire eighth grade cafeteria.  We would accomplish this by having the students that are misbehaving, have silent lunch in Commons II, or in the ISS room.      

     Please sign this petition so we can regain our seating in the cafeteria, Lynnhaven!  Thank you so much for supporting this cause.  

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