Free Refillable Drinking Water at Shopping Centre Food Courts.

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It is rare to have free fresh clean water in shopping centre food courts. Making the purchase of a drink in a plastic bottle a must if you are thirsty in a shopping centre and don't want to walk all the way to the toilets! 
Mass consumption of drinks from plastic bottles is creating an endless problem of disregarded empty plastic bottles polluting our streets and waterways when they are not recycled.

We need to make a cultural change to the way we consume purchased liquids in Australia.

To tackle the problem we need to make free water refill stations easily available to the general public in retail food courts, service stations and convenience stores. No more of you can only refill your water bottle in the sink of a public toilet when you are out.

This will greatly reduce the "one-off" consumption of water that is purchased in plastic bottles and decrease pollution caused
by plastic bottles.

Personal story
My name is Juliet Barr and i am a community activist. I live next to an inner city river in Sydney called The Cooks River. The river is plagued with a pollution problem of plastic bottle litter that never seems to stop despite the on going efforts by local councils and community members to clean it up. 

So i have started this campaign to be the voice of the wider community who want to help ease our plastic bottle consumption and pollution problems at the same time. I attended an educational day by the Cooks River Alliance on Sunday 18th November 2018 where we were shown many parts of the river and how the councils in the catchment of the river try to clean the area up. The photo on the front of this campaign is of me looking at a Gross Pollutant Trap in the river in Campsie, in Sydney. The photo appeared on the Cooks River Alliance facebook page. 

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