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Quentin Burt age 20, was overly and excessively charged to 41 years of federal prison for a non-violent gun drug charge. He has served 28 years of this sentence while violent offenders have served less time, much less time and are back at home with their families. He made 1 horrible choice as a young man, nobody was hurt, not one bullet fired, so does this warrant 41 years of prison, does this warrant millions and millions of tax payer dollars spent to house him? How absurd! His petition for clemency has been recently denied AGAIN! and just before President Obama left office. Now with President Trump showing kindness to Alice Johnson, acknowledging excessive and lengthy sentencing that are not equal to the crime, our time to act is now. So many others deserve a second chance.  Quentin had to wait for 1 year to pass before filing another Clemency application. Its headed to the White House soon. We are seeking to really make Quentin's story as well as others public in a big way but we need your help.  He has served his time and more. He meets ALL THE CRITERIA needed for clemency to be granted and yet the Dept of Justice seems to present Quentin's clemency to the President in a way that does not show his true character, remorse, and support from others. They have come under fire in past times for doing the same thing. The President can only decide on the case of clemency for any inmate with a recommendation from the DOJ...basically the DOJ shows the President only what they want him to see. I have learned through this whole process that the Dept of Justice answers to no one....well congress but will congress do anything about a felon in prison...probably not. So the DOJ is free to do as they please with no one to answer one! This is why it is critical to make a loud noise for Quentin, we must bring a lot of public pressure to get his story noticed.

 Lets get him home. He is now 48 years old and must spend the next 7 years in prison. The Dept of Justice needs to represent the true nature of Quentin. Again I say people that have committed murder have served less time than Quentin, people that have raped have served less time than Quentin and even child molesters have served less time than Quentin. Not one bullet fired, not one person hurt and he sits in prison while people that have physically hurt others are already home with their loved ones. Not to mention people that have committed serious crimes against humanity are a much bigger threat to society than non-violent drug charge offenders. What the hell is going on here? Everyone nods and agrees and says that Quentin got the raw end of the deal...he did not have a fair shake...I cannot nor will not sit here and do nothing.

We need JUSTICE FOR QUENTIN BURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 He has been a dedicated father to his two beautiful daughters who have been in close contact with him all these years. He has been a better father to his daughters than some free men on the streets. Always there to hear them in times of need, send them money for school supplies, and genuinely interested in their lives. He did his part to raise them as best he could from the prison visitors room. Quentin has earned an Associates degree, learned many skills, never been in trouble in prison. He learned to love God and serve others while incarcerated, he was very active in the prison church ministry. He has made every effort to better himself and only needs the chance to prove it. Do you know, Quentin has done over 4100 hours of programming , 4100 HOURS!!!! Thats a lot! Not to mention he is currently involved in the ' Crossroads' program, this program is only offered to inmates with impeccable behavior as well as being considered trustworthy. Very few inmates are called upon for this program. A program going out to local schools talking to hundreds of kids sharing his story in hopes to detour them from making the same mistakes he did. He plans on continuing this upon release. Oh I hope you can see, Quentin has done exceptionally well behind bars, and he is a major success story (in the prison world anyway ) We just need the President and the Pardon Attorney to recognize his achievements and willingness to change himself despite his 1 bad choice. Quentin loves talking to the kids through this program. He sees the need to start speaking to kids at risk very early on in life so they can avoid prison.

I have personally know Quentin Burt since before his incarceration and despite his one bad choice as a young man,  I can honestly say you will rarely find a finer man who is full of honor, dedication to live a clean life, spiritual and a lover of family and doing good. He has learned his lesson, applied his time to bettering himself through the programming, he has paid his dues plus some and now is ready to live as a free man.   How much longer must Quentin serve before he is given the chance to prove his loyalty to a legal, law abiding life? Can he prove that by rotting in prison? NO!  Serving another 7 years cannot and will not rehabilitate him any more, the prison system has done its job and on top of this, millions of tax payer dollars are being wasted to house reformed and rehabilitated people like Quentin who no longer require it. Now one thing worthy to add here, when you google the Holloway doctrine, you will see the courts let out an inmate because they saw the excessive punishment given was not fair and did not fit the crime. Quentin filed a motion to Judge Avern Cohn of Detroit to release him because his time too was excessive and harsh,  However the Government (U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider ) must give consent for the courts to consider the motion, Matthew Schneider declined Quentins request...really? Why? What reason does he have? None, they do it only because they can. Please email the White House and say to President Trump, Free Quentin Burt! Quentins 4th clemency is being submitted now. Please let’s all stick together and tell President Trump that 28 yrs is long enough. 



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