Petition Closed

"I have tried my hardest not to go public with this, but I am now left no option. Sunday night I got a phone call saying that Sabrina Ashley Salinas found Pootie on Novemeber 12 and has decided to keep him as her own. I have tried to contact her and get him back, but she refuses. First she claimed that it was her dog, and her boyfriend got him for her. Now she is saying that he was abused and neglected when she found him. She refused to give him to the police. This has been the hardest struggle, and all I want is my dog back! Anyone who knows me with Pootie, please be a character witness to my love for him. To the right is a picture of Sabrina with Pootie (now named Winston)" 
- Elizabeth Rathbone

Letter to
Sabrina Salinas
Return Pootie to Liz Rathbone!