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                       HELP US FREE THESE BATTERED WOMEN


At first glance one would think that Patricia Park and Norma Cumpian have little in

common. They are from different generations, different ethnic backgrounds, were born in different countries, and are confined in different prisons. However they share one tragic circumstance; they are both battered women who killed their abusers. Norma was a young pregnant woman while Patricia and her husband were successful business partners for 20 years. Both women hid the dark horrors in their lives until the day each was forced to act to save her own life.

Now these two women have one more thing in common; each has been granted parole by the California Parole Board. Please support these battered women and contact Governor Schwarzenegger to let him know that you support parole for battered women. THANK YOU!


Address: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

                State Capitol

                Sacramento, CA 95814


FAX# 916-558-3160




Letter to
Governor State of California Governor Arnold Swarzenegger
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:
I urge you to uphold the parole decision of your appointed Parole Board which has
determined that Patricia Park is suitable for parole. She is a battered woman who shot her husband after a year of extreme abuse. She has been incarcerated for many years and poses no threat to society. Furthermore she will be returning to Scotland after her release and thus will relieve California of the financial burden for her supervision. She has served her term and should be released

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