Free Pat san from the long term detention & mistreatment for transgender people

Free Pat san from the long term detention & mistreatment for transgender people

法務大臣森 まさこ殿 1人の別の宛先




”Please give Pat san the permission of Karihomen. Let her free from the long term detention as soon as possible. Let her free from mistreatment for transgender people. ”

Pat-san, a transgender from Philippines, is detained in Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau from July 2019.

She has been isolated from other detainees from the first day of her detention. The detainees can go out 6 hours to the common area in the detention center from their room on one day. It is called "free time". Pat-san has only 2 hours for free time.And other detainees have to stay at their room on her free time. She is alone everytime. She is a transgender, so she has been treated unfairly like that.

"My little room has a big window. It is for surveillance from aisle. When the people coming and going on the aisle look me, I feel like that I`m a fish on the aquarium." "I`m put into a little room 22 hours. Only 2 hours I can go out. It is like a dog." "Why am I treated like that? Only me. Why?" "The Nyukan punish me because I am a Transgender. It is discrimination."

Pat san talked that to her visitors. She is treated differently from other detainees because of her gender identity. She can't find reasonable reason about her treatment.

She made some friends in the detention center. Sometimes some inmates visit Pat san and play card game and share cosmetic. That is devices to deal with the situation that they can`t see their future because of long term detention. But it is too hard to endure for isolation about a year. The isolated long detention force her into try self injured and suicide.

”They keep me here, but they never stay me here.” One day she said so to her visitors. She doesn't know when she can go out from the detention center. She is so tired.

The staff of Immigration Services Agency think they treat Pat san with humanity and appropriately. But it is absolutely not. Pat san is clearly violated her human rights.The long term detention in the Immigration bureau in Japan is criticized as violate of human rights. The Immigration bureau use the long term detention to force the detainees give up to live in Japan.Human rights organization and activists in Japan and all over the world criticized it again and again for long years. But Japan gov never care about them. Detainees including Pat san in the Immigration bureau is suffering their long term detention again today.

We against such violation of human rights. We are afraid that our government do such barbarism and don`t know it is wrong.

She is an irregular immigration, but she lived as one of citizens in Japan. She worked hard, enjoyed with her family, made friends, got boyfriend in Japan. We want the Minister of Justice and the director of  Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau to understand that she lived as one of citizens and she wants live in Japan. 

Please give permission the Karihomen for Pat san as soon as possible. She just wants to get home and be with her family. Pat san needs to heal her physical and mind health that deeply damaged in the immigration bureau.

Please give her visa to live safety in Japan.

It was hard to live as transgender in her motherland. She had to keep herself from hate crime. She told she was happy to come Japan. Because it is safe in Japan.

Please stop the violation of human rights for her just now.

〈Our Request〉

1.Please give Pat san the Karihomen. Let her free.

2.Please give Pat san visa to live safety.



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