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Free Marcus Hudson: Give Marcus Hudson a second chance

Marcus was accused of murder with no evidence. On Jan 27 2009 in Omaha Ne, Judge Sandra Dougherty gave Marcus life for murder and 15-30 years on weapons charges. Marcus release date is 15 years after life sentence is served.The only thing that helped them convict Marcus was two witnesses that are not creditable, Robert Sessions and Will McDonald these two a three time convicted felons. Robert and Will agreed to testify against Marcus after they were arressted. He is doing life in prison for murder that had no evidence. Being that one of the jurys was friends with the victims Father I believe that Marcus should have a chance at appeal,and also due to insufficient evidence in the trail, court erred in allowing testimony as hearsay to convict him. Being that Marcus is Black and Living in Nebraska you dont have to have evidence to be convicted if you are Black.

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  • Douglas County Courts, Judge Sandra Dougherty, Supreme Court of Nebraska

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