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Urgent action is needed to defend the life of Larry Flores and prove hIs innocence. Larry Flores was a juvenile that was charged and in justly convicted of capital murder
in Harris County, Texas. Sentenced to life in Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  A juvenile could not be indicted of a capital offense because Texas Penal Code 1903 carries the death penalty (Roper vs. Simmons  U.S). Larry Flores was convicted in the 177th District court of Harris County, Texas. Conviction was based solely on the testimony(tape recordings) of two adults co-defendants A and B, to police which were used against Larry Flores. The jury found Larry Flores guilty of the felony Offense of Capital Murder. 
     As a 16 yr old kid he was not given the correct guidance, support, counseling, representation, but now as an educated man with the knowledge and evidence, Larry Flores is making it his life pursuit to prove his innocence and to clear his name of the crime he was falsely accused and sentenced to.

Newly discovered evidence since trial proves Larry Flores innocent of the charge of capital murder. The new evidence unquestionably establishes his innocence. In light of this new clear and convincing evidence, no reasonable juror would have convicted Mr. Flores of this crime. The states’ main two witnesses are recanting their statements that were given to police (see “Affidavits”). With the corroboration of the District Attorney and co-defendants attorney, the affidavits of the co-defendants have added wood to the fire by starting the manufacturing and fabrication of their testimony. By the prosecuting team having use of or knowledge of perjured testimony of the states’ witnesses, the perjured testimony is violation of due process. The recantation of the states’ two star witnesses not only voids their trial testimonies, but also rebuts and nullifies all the states’ primary inculpatory evidence from the old trial.
            In Mr. Flores’ original trial, the state presented one star witness/co-defendant placing Mr. Flores at the location of the crime and introduced a tape recording of the co-defendant; Mr. Flores contends that the co-defendants statements and testimonies are false. This is supported by affidavits of both adult co-defendants recanting their statements. Their testimony was critical and a substantial part of evidence upon which this conviction, of Larry Flores, rest on. No one else was present at this crime. The co-defendants affidavit also states that he prejured himself through his testimony at Mr. Flores’ trial. The District Attorney and co-defendants attorney had knowledge of his perjury testimony by assisting him in fabrication in the case against Mr. Flores. The corroboration of the District Attorney, co-defendants attorney, and witness’ co-defendant to introduce perjury testimony was not a harmless error.  The co-defendant recanted his tape recorded statement implicating Mr. Flores because it was secured through the intimidation of the Houston Police Department. In the instant case without the co-defendants testimony and recording, there is a complete lack of any other inculpatory evidence in the case.

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Larry Flores is wanting to spread the word on the wrongful conviction he received as a juvenile in the State of Texas.He is currently still waiting for his DNA to be tested. His life has been spent in prison and is wanting to have a chance at life. Please read this and check his website and see he was not given a fair trial as a teen. Please sign and share to let let him prove his innocence. Please check the website:
Thank you and god bless

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