Free Kitazumi! フリージャーナリストの北角裕樹さんの解放のための行動を起こしてください

Free Kitazumi! フリージャーナリストの北角裕樹さんの解放のための行動を起こしてください

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発信者:徐 嘉其 宛先:United Nations

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  クーデター発生後の2月に一度拘束され、すぐ解放されたが、その後、帰国せず、現地に残り、そこからミャンマーの厳しい現状を発信し続けてきました。今回の拘束の前に、彼はChoose Life Projectでのインタビューに答え、現地はもはや「自分たちの力ではどうにもならない」と訴えました。拘束はその直後のようでした。



Please help us take action to release Yuki Kitazumi, a Japanese journalist who has recently been taken captive on April 18 by the Myanmar Armed Forces!

Mr. Kitazumi, who has been passionate about exchanging culture and thoughts with international students since when he was in college, moved to Myanmar in 2014 after working as a reporter for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, a major newspaper in Japan. After working as the editor-in-chief of Myanmar's business information magazine "Myanmar Japon", he had been active as a freelance journalist in Myanmar.

He had been reporting on the current situation in Myanmar to people in Japan and around the world prior to the coup d'etat. He had also worked locally as a film director, producing "Mohingar Tapwe !!" in 2017, screened at many film festivals, winning several short film awards.

Yuki loves Myanmar and has shared Myanmar to Japan and the world from various angles. He definitely has raised our understanding of the country of Myanmar.

He was detained initially in February after the coup d'etat and was released shortly after. However, he did not return to Japan and remained in the field, where he continued to report on the harsh conditions in Myanmar. Prior to his most recent arrest, he responded to an interview at the Choose Life Project, stating that those in the field were no longer able to do anything on their own.

Yuki has not done anything wrong. Please help free him!

Please speak out and take action to release many of those who have been illegally arrested or detained.







0 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 5,000 人に到達します!
5,000 の賛同で,このキャンペーンが メディアに取り上げられる可能性が高まります!