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Free Keith Washington

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My husband, Keith Washington, is serving a 45 year sentence for protecting himself and his family.  Keith was convicted in 2008 of involuntary manslaughter and assault when he defended himself against an attack by two men in our home during a furniture delivery.  He was sentenced to 45 years in prison, a sentence that’s unheard of for a first offender with no previous record, particularly considering the fact that he is actually innocent.  Keith was convicted based on the false and perjured testimony of the State’s only fact witness, Robert White.  Robert White is a registered sex offender and a career criminal who was on cocaine at the time of the incident.  He was not a delivery man and in fact was picked up that morning on the side of the road by the delivery driver.  Absolutely NONE of the physical, forensic, or scientific evidence gathered in the case supported the story told by Robert White, and fact ALL of the physical, scientific, and forensic evidence collected during the extensive investigation of the case -- including DNA evidence, fiber transfer, gunshot residue, and the location of spent shell casings, telephone records, 911 call, and evidence photo of the unopened box of bedrails, and much more,  definitively proved that Keith acted in self-defense.  White has even admitted under oath in the 2010 civil trial that testimony he gave in the criminal trial was not truthful. 

At the time of the incident in January 2007, Keith was a police officer of over seventeen years and as Lt Col in the U. S. Army Reserves.  He was at home with me and our six year old daughter when two men, Brandon Clark and Robert White delivered bedrails to our home that were to go in the master bedroom.  When Keith discovered Robert White coming out of our six year old daughter’s room instead of being in the master bedroom with Clark, Keith told them to just leave.  Instead of leaving they jumped Keith.  At 6’7” 330 pounds (White) and 6’2” 280 pounds (Clark), both men towered over Keith at 5’9” 155 pounds.  In the upstairs hallway of our home and unable to retreat, and with his wife and daughter downstairs, Keith had no choice but to use his service revolver to protect himself and his family.  Mr. Clark was killed, Mr. White survived.  Every piece of evidence collected from the very beginning of the investigation clearly showed that Keith acted in self defense.  And although the prosecutors had that evidence, they allowed Robert White to lie about it during his grand jury and criminal trial testimony.  Numerous pieces of evidence and expert analysis supporting self defense was collected, but much of that was hidden from the jury and misrepresented by the prosecutors. 

The fact is, Keith should never have been indicted in the first place.  ALL of the evidence clearly showed it was a case of self defense and that the only fact witness, Robert White, was never credible.  But because this was a high profile case with a great deal of media attention, they wanted a conviction and stopped at nothing to get it.  All of the scientific evidence says that Keith is not guilty.  All of the physical evidence says that Keith is not guilty.  All of the forensic evidence says that Keith is not guilty.  The results of an extensive police investigation say that Keith is not guilty.  Yet, Keith is serving a 45 year sentence.   

These are just some of the facts:

-          Robert White is a career criminal with over thirty arrests and at least twelve convictions.  He has been arrested for criminal assault at least three times since Keith’s trial. 

-          Robert White is a registered sex offender who served a ten year sentence for the sexual assault of a woman (a stranger) after breaking into her home.

-          Robert White never worked for the furniture company and in fact was picked up on the side of the road the morning of the incident

-          The customer immediately prior to our delivery gave a written statement to the State’s Attorneys office stating: “One of the men appeared high or intoxicated.” And, “I’m glad my wife wasn’t home alone while they were here.”

-          Several witnesses who were first responders on the scene gave written statements and/or testified that they observed injuries to Keith consistent with a physical altercation

-          Robert White tested positive for cocaine in a toxicology test administered by the hospital the night of the incident.  White testified in that he had never used cocaine.  He has since been arrested (in 2013) for possession of a crack pipe.

-          Robert White’s DNA was found on Keith’s service revolver, an indication that he attempted to grab the gun during the altercation

-          Expert testimony that White’s version of the incident was impossible given the laws of physics and gravity

-          The location of the spent shell casings proved that the shooting could not have occurred as White testified

-          I (Stacey Washington) witnessed firsthand the two men attacking Keith in the upstairs hallway and testified and gave written statements to that fact

Numerous legal professionals and public officials have reviewed this case and have all come to the same unanimous conclusion – that Keith Washington acted in self defense, protecting himself and his family from two attackers.

An innocent man was wrongly indicted, falsely convicted and is now sentenced to 45 years in prison due to the perjured and false testimony of the State’s sole fact witness, even though prosecutors had the evidence that showed his testimony was false.  Go to to read the details about this case -- review the testimony and the many documents and court exhibits for yourself.

I ask that you please sign this petition so that Keith Washington can get his life back and return to raising his daughter and being the responsible husband and father he was before this incident so unjustly robbed him and his family.


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