Free Julian Assange, before it's too late. Sign to STOP the USA Extradition

There now exist – WORLDWIDE – a total of four Petitions altogether to HELP SAVE JULIAN ASSANGE FROM EXTRADITION TO THE USA !!!!

They are the following:

PETITION 1: (Petitioner: the Australien Phillip Adams); so far nearing 279000 signatures.

PETITION 2: (Petitioner: the German Thilo Hahn); petition in German text; so far nearing 398500 signatures.

PETITION 3: (Petitioner: die european political organisation DiEM25); petition in 14 languages; so far nearing 100900 signatures.

PETITION 4: (Petition: the German Günter Wallraff) ); petition in German text; so far nearing 14500 signatures; petition only started on 06.2.2020.

I myself am lobbying in German and in English many hours every day for everyone to sign each of these Petitions.

Everyone should do their part! – You too!

Martin MITCHELL, Adelaide, Australia
2 years ago
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