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This petition in on behalf of my brother Jonathan Paul Desoto; who is currently on his 13th year of imprisonment under the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system since 2003, prior to serving time in Juvenile and Texas Youth Commission.

 Due to bad judgement and actions in 2001, Jonathan Paul Desoto committed Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Assault along with three other persons.

 Jonathan was under T.Y.C custody and spent several years battling the justice system. While in T.Y.C custody this same case was dismissed in Juvenile courts because no evidence was presented and the victims were a no show. Also the victims weren't creditable due to their criminal history, known drug and gang members.

Jonathan was ordered by judge to stay in T.Y.C for 6 months and when he completed his levels he departured from T.Y.C to go stay in foster care. While in their care the charges that were dismissed were brought back up. He was tried once to a hung jury and rather than try the case again, he accepted 10 years probation. The error made by his court appointed attorney was that there was no sentence in lieu of the probation. He later got in trouble for public intoxication and various other nonviolent offenses and his attorney at that time told him not to fight the issue because it was no problem, and he would be released back onto probation. Instead, he was sentenced to 50 years on the original charge.

Please tell me how this is fair? I believe that he did deserve punishment for violating with a dirty U.A, but I don't believe he should have been given 50 years. This was due to a technicality. .  

As a child and adolesant he was misguided in the wrong direction which led his life in a downhill spiral causing him to continue to be an outcast. Even through his hardships and struggles, Jonathan is funny, out-going, and has a personsonality that lights up the room. He still is that person, but even better because when he went to prison he went in a boy with no ambition, but Jonathan found hope and lives through the word of God and will come out a matured man. Jonathan is repentent and is continually finding ways to reconcile with society and the people he has put hurt on in the past.

Jonathan suffers from cerebral palsy that affects his legs and ability to walk normal. He has learned to live life with his disability and has a passion to teach and mentor people with disabilities to help them overcome all obstacles. Jonathan is not a threat to society and with his accomplishments he will use them productively.

 Jonathan made a decision early in his sentence term to devote every ounce of energy and time to developing himself intellectually, physically, and spiritually toward the kind of citizen he can be upon release. He has earned a trade through the prison system. In 2006 he achieved his GED but due to his lengthly sentence he isn't able to further his education as he wishes. Despite his circumstances at this time he has spent time writing manuscripts for a self biography which is now finished and self published. To order his book, "Hard Walk To Walk," Please visit his website; . His book will explain in detail how he has coped with his disability and his time in prison, being in a prison environment. Jonathan is currently working on another book, which will released once completed. This is for the Glory of God!!!

Jonathan Paul Desoto is remorseful and ask of his peers and society to forgive him for his past mistakes and to Please give him a chance to redeem himself. Since being incarcerated he has matured into the type of man he wants to be.

We, the undersigned ask that Each of the Current Calhoun County Trial Officials Write & Sign A Written Recommendation for Jonathan Paul Desoto, Please note that he has an Excessive Sentence of 50 years in T.D.C.J and we are asking of this so he may get Time Served or a Time-Cut. These recommendations are vital to getting a Commutation Of Sentence!

Please Grant this request in order for Jonathan Paul Desoto to have some kind of relief.. God bless everyone involved in this case and all the families that are going through a difficult situation.

Please give Jonathan the chance at freedom and being with his family so that he can watch his neices and nephews grow, he has missed out on so many memories. 

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