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Actor/Activist ED ASNER gives his support!

Justice for Jimmy, International

Dec 29, 2012 — "Is it Philadelphia that's called the Cradle of Liberty? Or is it Boston? Whatever. Neither one seems very adept as exemplars of justice. But Philly wins hands down for its lynch mob justice. For example, the latest case being that of Jimmy Dennis. At this point in time, I doubt that Alabama or Mississippi would have so erroneously railroaded a black man 5'4" in height, weight 130 for the killing by a 5'9" 170 lb black man. Jimmy Dennis has been convicted on the flimsy evidence of 3 eyewitnesses who glimpsed the killer for minimal seconds. No circumstantial evidence connecting Dennis to the murder. He didn't know her. For 20 years Dennis has languished on Death Row, while Philadelphia has consumed itself with its efforts to kill an innocent man. For God's sake and Jimmy's, do the right thing!" ~ Ed Asner