Free Jakob in Indonesia, please

This is typical of the behaviour of the Indonesian military (TNI ) and police (POLRI). The TNI has been committing genocide and gross human rights abuses in West Papua when it occupied the country with the support of the US. Because ofthe human rights abuses and the war crimes committed by the TNI in East Timor (these days AKA Timor-Leste), the UN sent in a peacekeeping force to move the TNI out and bring peace and justice to the people after suffering 24 years of horror under the TNI jackboot. It also committed similar crimes in Acheh and parts of Indonesia itself. In 1965 when the CIA assisted the TNI to overthrow the elected Sukarno government, the TNI and militias carried out a huge bloodbath killing about 3 million people. The TNI is the largest terrorist organisation in SE Asia. But it is supported by the US which turns a blind eye to its barbarities because it is a client state.A few political freedoms were gained after the downfall of the fascist dictator General Suharto, but the TNI still plays a very large role in Indonesian politics. Former general Wiranto - a UN indicted war criminal - has been a member of the cabinet of the Indonesian government and former general Prabowo who stood in the recent Indonesian presidential election is know to be responsible for mass murder in East Timor and against Indonesian students who rallied in 1998 to rid the country of Suharto. In a true democracy, both men would be serving life sentences in prison for crimes against humanity. All governments that claim to be democratic and support human rights should pressure Indonesia to release Jakob, restore full democracy and human rights in West Papua and allow the people to determine their own political future in a referendum with the presence of a UN peacekeeping force and the removal of the TNI and POLRI. In addition, all the war criminals in the ranks of POLRI and the TNI should be brought to justice for their crimes and their victims should be compensated.

Andrew (Andy) Alcock, Forestville, SA, Australia
2 years ago
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