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Hindu temples in most Indian states are under Govt control through Acts like the Tamil Nadu HR&CE, A.P. Religious Institutions Act, etc. This means the govt appoints officers and politicians on the board of ‘temple trusts’, including as Chief Executives.

Tirupati until recently had a Christian while Kali Bari Mandir in Bengal has a Muslim, as its respective Chief Executives. Some of these officers don’t even accept ‘Prasadam’. Such intolerant non-Hindus have no business sitting on Hindu temple boards.

TN HR&CE department takes away 4% of all Hundi and other donations, as audit fee & 12% as administration fee. Thus 16% of all your donations goes into Govt coffers

Temple owned lands are encroached upon, often by religious places of other communities. For instance, in Tamil Nadu, an illegal cemetery has been built on land owned by Ganapathy Temple, Tirunelveli; temples have lost ~ 50,000 acres of land since the 1951. Even conduct of Pujas (how, when, what if offered) is regularly interfered with.

Such demonic behavior is perpetrated by Govt on Hindus (& Jains) alone. Govt does not control nor interferes Mosques, Churches or even Gurudwaras. Somehow the most inclusive, majority Hindu community, is an easy target for the govt.

And this is not stopping. Recently, the Maharashtra govt has taken over the ‘Shani Temple’ with the excuse of better management. It seems the govt believes only Hindus & Jains are incapable (and not Christians, Muslims, Sikhs) of management of their places of worship.

Approx 5000 murtis stolen from temples in India, are decorating gardens in US, Europe. These deities who we worship should be in our temples. They get stolen because of apathy, and worse, active connivance of govt officials with art smugglers.

“HR&CE department neither had the capacity nor qualified experts to carry out conservation work and no proper system was being followed for documenting, assessing, reporting, tendering, etc., of heritage structures” is what UNESCO report of protected TN temples said about HR&CE Deptt. Source:

Once the Govt moves out, this community money belonging to the Hindus could be used to run Schools, Orphanages, Veda Pathshalas, Gaushalas, Ayurvedic Clinics, Annadanam (free food) and to stop religious conversions across India.

What can be done

1.    NDA Govt constitutionally CAN, and MUST bring out a Central Legislation to override individual HR&CE Acts across all Indian states, thus leaving State Govts to only REGULATE religious institutions and it must be applicable to all faiths.

2.    Campaign with the Modi Govt. on Social Media. You can reach them on:

Twitter: @narendramodi, @PMOIndia & @BJP4India with hashtag #FreeHinduTemples


Prime Minister’s Office can be connected on email at

3.    Call PM Modi on #MannKiBaat; Dial 1800117800 and tell him to Free Hindu Temples.

4.    Sign for this signature campaign; More reading:

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!