Free Grace & Matthew Huang and Celebrate Acts of Love September 12th.

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April 9, 2014 - UPDATE: Grace and Matthew Huang are an Asian-American couple who face three years imprisonment in Qatar - essentially for adopting an ill child of a different skin color. Matt is a Stanford engineering graduate who, before he lost his job due to imprisonment, had been helping under developed countries – like Qatar - with infrastructure projects.

Grace and Matt adopted 3 African children, then moved to Qatar. Gloria, one of their children suffered from malnutrition BEFORE she was adopted. After they adopted her, she died from related issues. Qatar police and prosecutors told the court that the only reason Grace and Matthew adopted this “ugly” girl, with a different skin color, was to starve her to death, then harvest her organs. This is clearly a lie. See:

Probably like you, I have never met Grace or Matt, nor do I receive compensation from or anyone for this work or expenses incurred. But, I feel they have been treated very unfairly. WE have to do something. And we have to do it now. 100,000 signatures or more may be the only way we can help Grace and Matt return to the US ASAP. Their two remaining children, plus family and friends must miss them... August 2013, I started this petition. Supporters and I attempted to alert the media and make September 12, 2013, a day for everyone in America to remember that our love can overcome hate (as we did on and after September 11, 2001). Unfortunately, last year we failed to gather enough support to free Grace and Matt. On March 27, 2014, they were CONVICTED OF MURDER. They cannot leave Qatar and have a few days left on bail to file an appeal. However, they may be ordered back to jail at anytime. We have seen enough of Qatar justice to realize it's slow, racist, and insensitive.

We can only guess that Qatar officials are now trying to bribe favors from the US State Department for the release of two Good Samaritans.

We ask people of all countries, colors, and creeds to sign this petition to: 1) demand Qatar officials release Grace and Matt now; 2)remember on September 12, 2014, that love overcomes hate; 3) build an elist of 100,000 or more supporters who will stand ready to call on corporate and public officials to boycott anything from Qatar, especially oil, unless and until Grace and Matt are unconditionally released.


Also, imagine it was YOU in jail. Copy or take a photo of the link; forward it to everyone you love, and ask them to sign this petition as if you were in jail.

YOU are AWESOME! Bless you & Thanks for your help!

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