Free Feminine Hygiene Products in Fairview High School

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Women's Empowerment Club is a community at Fairview High School that is passionate about women's rights. Our mission is to create a safe space within Fairview to talk about women’s empowerment as well as intersectional feminism and the topics surrounding it without judgment.

Another important aspect of our club is taking action within Fairview for the bettering of its community. Currently, we are advocating for free feminine hygiene products in all of our women's bathrooms.

As Cordelia Longo, who successfully advocated for free feminine hygiene products in her school in Washingon, states: "Why are tissues and toilet paper provided free at school, but not sanitary pads and tampons?...As toilet paper and tissue are used for normal bodily functions, sanitary pads and tampons are also necessary to address normal bodily functions that happen naturally. The only difference is that only girls need pads. Girls do not choose to have periods. So girls are being penalized and made to pay for a bodily function they cannot control."

Additionally, not having access to free feminine hygiene products in our school bathrooms for women distracts students, provokes anxiety, and also leads students to resort to unsanitary or uncomfortable alternatives.

Join us in this effort! Sign this petition if you believe that the women of Fairview High School deserve free feminine hygiene products. 


Thank you for your time,
Fairview Women's Empowerment