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Free Emilio

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Emilio is a young man who was caught in the midst of the Allegheny County police searching for a suspect in connection with a police officer being shot and injured. Unfortunately , because of his race  and economic status,  he became a suspect . Emilio is a struggling artist who just want to be able to  get a break. He is very talented, a great father and a great son. He is loved by his mother very much and she has suffered a lot  through this ordeal. He is also loved by all of his family. He has a grandmother, cousins, brothers, sister, nephews, nieces, uncles and aunties, too . He also has many friends.

Emilio Rivera was charged in connection with a home invasion and the shooting of the attending police officer that was injured and subsequently paralyzed.  He was charged along  another young man by the name of Andrejco. It was claimed that both these men invaded a home and when the officer came to the door one of them shot him.

This is a horrible crime and I understand someone is a guilty party and justice must be done, especially for the victims in this case.  However, incarcerating an innocent man is not the answer. The Allegheny County Police had prior arrested several men in conjunction with this crime but because of lack of evidence, they let them go. And so now, they must make someone responsible because the community is crying out that the police is incompetent. They are saying that the DA have political reasons and this is why he could not prosecute this case properly.

And so,  it looks like and innocent man has been made to walk with all the guilt of someone else. Please find the criminals who committed this horrendous  crime and charge them but leave this innocent person alone and for God sake,  release him.

During the three week trial that was held, Emilio and Andrejco were found innocent of the shooting of the officer.  Andrejco was released immediately but Emilio was charged with the home invasion and robbery. What? Unbelievable!  Both were accused and one of them let go. This does not make sense because the claim was that both had committed the crime and both were in the same trial.

What I understand is that Andrejco had lots of family and friends supporting him and his mother is a  caucasian woman. Emilio only had the support of his mother and a friend. How sad! What comes to mind is bullying and racism. The Allegheny Police are bullying this family because of economic level, race and political reasons. You see, now to make themselves and the DA look good, they must convict someone and who better to convict than a minority.  A minority who is unimportant to them because of his race status.

Pittsburgh has come so far,  from having  a big Steele City Community to a bunch of racists and judgemental unfair people.  Why Andrejco was released and they both were claimed to have signed confessions?  The same confession. By the way, these were coerced confessions.  This is so unfair to this family who would like to get some support so that their son can be release as well. Wow, it feels like we are in a foreign country, except that these are Americans that are behaving in a primitive way , condemning an innocent man!

Please do not get this wrong, we are for justice and we know that Emilio is innocent. We, also, know that it is very sad that Officer Kuzak got shot and paralyzed. Our condolences go out to him and his family but punishing an innocent man is not going to undo what happened. Let's find the real criminals! Free Emilio Rivera! It is only fair! FIND THE REAL CRIMINALS!

Please help us bring Emilio home. Emilio is innocent !!

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