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TikTok Women Still Need Your Support: No Values Behind Bars!

Thanks so much for supporting 'TikTok Women'! We’re now over 120,000 signatures and we (re)invite you to keep making noise via the hashtags below to pressure Egyptian authorities to release them. We’d like to share with you the dates of the scheduled appeal against their sentences; August 15th for Manar and August 17th for Mawda and Haneen. The day before each appeal, we will post immensely about them - so please keep following the petition. For now we want you to help us share with the world their TikToks; here are links to download their videos (Manar, Mawda, and Haneen). Join us in taking on the internet with their joyful playful videos, download their videos through TikTok app and circulate them on these two hashtags:



TikTok Women
3 months ago