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Free drinking water is my birth right

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Respectful sir,

As an Indian from southern tip of India,I really feel bad to file this petition. In Every 2days I need to buy canned drinking water which prized between 50 to 80cent to satisfy thirst of my family of four. As an working middle class family ,i'll somehow manage to buy water but it is not possible for many in my nation. As humans we all need water to survive, I believe that free drinking water hub in every 1km is the most essential thing rather than free WiFi spot or free internet data for mobile phone. Nowadays money extends its territory to rule basic needs of human. To make thing worst Canned water companies stocks are being traded in stock exchange which will make water more precious to buy in near future. I took this issue to make awareness on how water is canned and sold in public bus stands,railway station, and grocery shop etc in India. Yes I know India is a dry drought prone nation,but I have hope to make water a free source. Lot of innovations and discoveries are made after Indian independence,still Indian govt. can't assure its citizens a free source of water. Poor management of water resources is the biggest problem holding India back. Misappropriation in planning and execution of water supply projects is another key factor. And projects often use inadequate sources, or pipelines that do not reach habitations. About 315,000 children die from diarrheal diseases each year, with 140,000 those deaths happening in India due to water scarcity. I don't like to critise my nation alone,because I believe in a quote "Show me your friends,I'll show who you are."-unknow

It is not only Indian or african problem,it is a world problem.

I believe that all the ruling parties of world will look into my petition.

As an humble request,make this earth a better place to live not a better place to war or building boundaries.

If drinking water is made FREE among nations,boundaries will get demolished then eternal PEACE prevails.

let rivers flow...

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