Free Domestic Violence Victim, Lavetta Langdon.

“We are one people, one family, the human family, and what affects one of us affects us all.”
“When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something.”
― John Lewis, Across That Bridge: Life Lessons and a Vision for Change

“I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free ... so other people would be also free.”
“Whatever my individual desires were to be free, I was not alone. There were many others who felt the same way.”
“I believe we are here on the planet Earth to live, grow up and do what we can to make this world a better place for all people to enjoy freedom.”
-Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Activist

Gender-based hate crimes are a consequence of gender inequalities and disproportionately affect women, as well as anyone perceived as not complying with prevailing gender norms. Gender-based hate crimes often seek to intimidate and suppress ways of life or expressions of identity that are perceived as not complying with traditional gender norms. They have a significant, long-lasting impact on the victims, and undermine security and social cohesion by perpetuating gender inequalities. The existence of such crimes also underscores wider trends of intolerance towards other groups. Everyone has a role to play in countering this and all forms of intolerance.
Gender-based violence is enacted under many different manifestations, from its most widespread form, intimate partner violence, to acts of violence carried out in online spaces. These different forms are not mutually exclusive and multiple incidences of violence can be happening at once and reinforcing each other. Inequalities experienced by a person related to their race, (dis)ability, age, social class, religion, sexuality can also drive acts of violence. This means that while women face violence and discrimination based on gender, some women experience multiple and interlocking forms of violence.

The Istanbul Convention (Council of Europe, Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence), defines violence against women as falling under four key forms: physical, sexual, psychological and economic.
There are hate crimes like: Femicide, sexual and domestic violence and murder, rape culture, corrective rape, murder and rape of lesbians, gang and war rapes, mass rapes, FGM, forced and child marriages, forced prostitution and sex slavery, sex trafficking, child prostitution and sadistic women hating pornography, including child pornography, sexual harassment at school, work, university, street and male mob harassment, male guardianship connected with slavery, dowry murder, acid attacks and murders, witch hunts, cruel punishment, imprisonment, executions like stoning and lynching of female victims, violence and disrespect during childbirths, female infanticide, sadistic stalking, sexual cyber harassment and stalking, revenge porn and sexual deepfakes, sexual and misogynist hunts on the internet, sexist and forced dress codes like the burqa and the school dress codes in the U.S., misogyny and victim blaming in the media the society, the music, in films, in advertisements, women hating body shaming and victim blaming denied human rights, education, equal pay, medical care, contraception, abortion, even after rape. and free life.

GBV can take various forms:

Physical: it results in injuries, distress and health problems. Typical forms of physical violence are beating, strangling, pushing, and the use of weapons. In the EU, 31 % of women have experienced one or more acts of physical violence since the age of 15.
Sexual: it includes sexual acts, attempts to obtain a sexual act, acts to traffic, or acts otherwise directed against a person’s sexuality without the person’s consent. It’s estimated that one in 20 women (5 %) has been raped in EU countries since the age of 15.
Psychological: includes psychologically abusive behaviours, such as controlling, coercion, economic violence and blackmail. 43% of women in the 28 EU countries have experienced some form of psychological violence by an intimate partner.
Domestic violence includes all acts of physical, sexual, psychological and economic violence that occur within the family, domestic unit, or between intimate partners. These can be former or current spouses also when they don’t share the same residence. 22 % of all women who have (had) a partner have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a partner since the age of 15.
Sex-based harassment includes unwelcome verbal, physical or other non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person. Between 45% to 55% of women in the EU have experienced sexual harassment since the age of 15.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. It violates women’s bodies and often damages their sexuality, mental health, well-being and participation in their community. It may even lead to death. Today, more than 200 million girls and women alive worldwide have undergone female genital mutilation. At least 500,000 women living in the EU have undergone FGM.
Forced marriage refers to marriage concluded under force or coercion – either physical pressure to marry or emotional and psychological pressure. It’s closely linked to child or early marriage, when children are wed before reaching the minimum age for marriage.
Online violence is an umbrella term used to describe all sorts of illegal or harmful behaviours against women in the online space. They can be linked to experiences of violence in real life, or be limited to the online environment only. They can include illegal threats, stalking or incitement to violence, unwanted, offensive or sexually explicit emails or messages, sharing of private images or videos without consent, or inappropriate advances on social networking sites. One in 10 women in the EU has experienced cyber harassment since the age of 15.

And now my own very sad experiences with misogyny, sexual assault, stalking and rape culture:

In the following cases, men and boys have supported me more than women and girls and could really help me.
Unfortunately, many women and girls are usually not helping each other with sexual harassment, rape and stalking. On the contrary! They support, excuse the perpetrators and accuse and terrorize the victims.

These are my bad experiences:.

First I was and I am a honest girl and woman, hard working at school, High School and Workplace. Good looking and with no sexy dresses. A hardworking wife and mother, fighting for women's rights, girls and children’s rights and human rights, for animal rights and for a clean and good environment. I am a very careful person. But inspite of this, I met many psychopaths and evil persons. Nobody is an island of safety and nobody can say, that evil things cannot crossing the way of life, every day and every time:

The cases I'll describe in more detail!

Here is a short overview!

I was hunted and stalked on the way to school by a traveling salesman (a heinous pervert and bastard) from the area of Aachen (car from AC) at the age of 8 to 10 years for two years (1963-1965) by the car in a small, remote settlement in the Welzheimer Wald, Stöckenhof, Baden-Württemberg. Female neighbors (stupid cows without brain) who had seen from the window, that a anonymous car was chasing me, said viciously laughing to my shocked old grandmother, that I was a little slut, if that would already start with men and cars, then I would eventually end up on the street prostitution. None of these stupid and vicious women like the greatest bloody old bitch Mrs. Silbereis called the police or anyone else to help, though they saw that in my desperation I ran across the fields for my life. The last time this pervert chased me with the car on my lonely long way to school, the only way to save myself to being dragged into the car was by pinching him in the car door. He then shouted after me death threats as I fled across the fields. This case ended with schoolmates and my former teacher, who helped me, but I did not get any help from women. This hunt with the car lasted two years. This cowardly child molester was always waiting at that time for me in the car on the my lonely way to school.
An end to this horror made my teacher at last, who, together with other affected children, boys, lay in wait for the perpetrator on the school way, asking him, what he are doing there. The sex predator escaped and was never seen again.
The sad thing about the story was that my parents dismissed it as a lying story and they assumed I was supposed to be skipping school. In reality, however, I was the best in school at the time, and that until the end, despite all incidents. I put myself in mortal danger for two years to go to school. I loved going to school as hell. This sex offender must have raped and dead children on his conscience, but at that time the police work was in its infancy and it was very sloppy and in this case never investigated, although my teacher reported the story, because what does a strange man from Aachen, Rhineland, looking in a remote Swabian area?

In High school Backnang, Baden-Wüttemberg, at the age of 17 (1972-1973), I was massively harassed, terrorized and stalked by a classmate (a sexually sadistic hater of women and extreme misogynist, Raimund Fritz, Sulzbach/Murr). There were female idiots (Stupid geese that never had a brain) in my class who thought I should finally sleep with him, so that calm would enter the class. It was known, that my harasser was an sexual sadist, because he was a great fan of the misogynist films, "The last Tango of Paris" and "Clockwork Orange". Some stupid girls said, that I am an impertinence with my resistance for the whole class. Because of the fact, the stalker had girl friends in the class, it was planned, that these girls should lure me to a party where I would then be put forcefully under alcohol and drugs and he wanted to gang rape me with numerous friends, male classmates warned me, from the concerned girls no warning came. And when he tried every day to throw his heavy school backpack on my head for long-distance practice, which could have ended in a hit with serious or fatal injuries, male classmates intervened, some more than mindless girls were very amused over the show and thought that I should see it as casual fun. I found it particularly cheeky that in unobserved moments this idiot badly bit my lunch break and my female school friend and urinated in our drinks. Nobody from the class intervened here, so I didn't go later to any class reunions. And I found it even more incredible when he probably bullied two female friends of mine out of class shortly before the exam at the end of school and when I asked later, because I was sick at the time when this happened, supposedly nobody in the class knew details about it (what kind of liars). Allegedly there was only one dispute. This so-called dispute must have been damned violent, because the two girls let us all know that they wanted to hear nothing of us in the class anymore and could no longer be reached by phone. And that's just because of a dispute, joke come out, you're hopelessly surrounded. The help for me came by male classmates and a female subject teacher, one of the few women in my life that really helped me.
I found it particularly bad that male teachers, real wankers, like the class teacher Mr. Merges, found the harassment and insults of this classmate very funny during class, yes, the class teacher, a sexist bastard who constantly uttered misogynistic slogans, cheered this disgusting guy on. There was no help from my parents, they said I should finally stop these anti-male lies and concentrate on my graduation. I passed this degree with no problems, but I couldn't get the school administration to put an end to the vicious goings-on of this misogynist and sex-obsessed student. Even today, many such perpetrators are unpunished at universities, colleges and schools and that is the really shocking thing.
Later, when I had started training in another city, he was seen several times with unknown young men in my train compartment, where they passed me with a sneering smile, then another friend of him was one day suddenly in my company canteen, where he was looking menacingly and silently sat down at my table and also my classmate stalker and two male friends threw me one day powerfully an old umbrella from behind in my back in the main station, so that the umbrella broke. And one night, neighbors heard an unknown motorcycle. The next morning all the flowers and bushes under my bedroom window on the ground floor were destroyed, and since it had rained we found huge footprints that matched the size of my school stalker's body.
What I found particularly disgusting about the story was that Raimund Fritz was boasting all the time to other boys about rapes he and others had done after going to discos. He said, I was told, that the underage girls were made docile and semi-unconscious with drugs and alcohol and then gang raped so that these girls screamed like slaughtered pigs. And now I ask you why such underage monsters as this guy and his friends go unpunished. In my opinion, being a minor does not mean impunity.
So much for the harmlessness of stalkers.

During my first year at the workplace at the age of 18, I became the victim of a rape attempt by a young colleague (a perverted sex offender and sex driven idiot, Alois Monz, Stuttgart),in the Telecommunications construction district of the German Federal Post Office in Fellbach, Baden-Wuerttemberg . When his wife had a childbirth in the hospital, he kept me busy until one evening until we were alone in the office and then attacked me from behind with a stranglehold to rape me. I was able to free myself and send him to the ground with a chin hook and escape. The next day, I told my boss and a work colleague who warned him. However, my training only continued because I had committed to remain silent, so told me this boss, a idiotic coward too, and that should cause me serious problems. My successful resistance was dismissed as outrageous and unnormal, especially among stupid women who had gone to sleeping around to make career, they said if I was thinking to be anything better then the other women. These mindless women like my sleeping around female boss Marga Wild (brainless and morally depraved female ducks) bullied me instead of supporting me and said, that I was blaming good family men. I have at that time the support of my boss and a another male colleague. For me, it was not surprising that the harasser Alois Monz had an absolutely disgusting porn calendar in his office and in my presence he was constantly talking about whether I could compete with these porn stars and show if I have such a figure. He and other harasser liked the the disgusting cinema sex films about underage schoolgirls such as the multi-part schoolgirl report that turned underage girls into fair game for sex offenders.
My complaints about porn pics there in the firm had the loud mocking laughter of the men and the indignation of the absolutely dumbfounded women to say that porn and prostitution were normal and would prevent rapes and only someone who was not right in the head, like me, would be bothered by this porn calendar. However, as we learn from the media / criminal cases and criminological, scientific studies on a daily basis, increasing pornography and prostitution since the sixties has led to worldwide sexual femicide in all countries, especially in Africa, Asia, South America and all Muslim countries/ Arab / Hindu countries. I got into a fight with a female supervisor Marga Wild, who accused me of spreading lies about innocent fathers and I shouted back whether this company was a company or a brothel. She never forgave me for that and I never apologized for that, why I should also apologize for the sex offenders in the company. One day when I brought a portfolio of signatures to an office, three older men were sexually grabbing at me who had daughters at my age. Since I fled the office without signatures, my female boss's deputy angrily asked them that they must be ashamed to harass a young girl. My female boss then threatened her with the notice that she would be fired, if she interfered here.

In desperation, I went to the works council, which also had a daughter at my age. But he laughingly offered me his sexual services and penis, that would solve my problem. I fled the office and had one more enemy.
When at the birthday party of my boss a friend of the harasser massively sexually harassed me so in that kind that I gave him a hard slap in the face and he wanted to beat me in front of all colleagues who participated with their family in the celebration, it was some men who intervened and helped me. These absolutely totally stupid women on the party said that I was the troublemaker and the wife of the boss had to drive me home to the indignation of the female guests. The boss's wife complained to me that only perverted pigs would work in her husband's office and that I should quit this disgusting company immediately. Unfortunately, my parents disagreed at the time and said they would kick me out (I was still a minor, at that time you were only of age when I was 21) if I quit this damn well-paid civil servant training job. Mind you, not the harasser, a family man had to leave the celebration, but me. I was bullied for two more years by all horny men and silly women, sleeping around in this authority because of my resilience to the rape and sexual harassment that forced me to quit my civil service (Post-Telecommunications Office Stuttgart-Feuerbach with other offices in Stuttgart ) after 3 years (1973-1976). Then I learned my dream job as a publishing clerk, got top grades and never had the same problems in my professional life as with this supposedly great telecommunications office in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, if you ask me, a paradise for sex offenders, because I was one of many victims. However, many young girls and women quit after just a few weeks, I was the only one who stayed in this shitty company for three years.

I found it particularly shocking that a female supervisor and a male HR manager who supported me were bullied out during the time. I also found it shocking that young female colleagues who had been hired after me and with whom I had become friends were also harassed in such a way that even their fathers came into the company and then, along with their daughters, from all the molesters and sleeping around Women were directly mocked and laughed at as hysterical and insane. The bullying and harassment story of the poor girls always got around like wildfire and in the corridors and in front of the doors the male and female perpetrators lurked for the fathers and the girls and began to mock loudly and audibly. I could hear the laughter in my office. It was so disgusting, I can tell you. These girls stayed only a few weeks or months and left the company crying. The fathers probably employed lawyers unsuccessfully and people laughed about it for a long time in all the corridors, rooms and the canteen of the company. Harassment in the workplace is still treated in this way to this day. And I've always been told, look how it goes to women who don't know where their place is. At some point I quit and then learned my dream job as a publisher. Something like this has never happened to me in my entire life and I find it particularly shameful that this was a state-run huge nationwide company where almost all men thought it was a sexual self-service store and if these girls did not do sex services, then away with them and forward with the next victim. Something like that still exists in the military today, for example, and not just in the American military.

But the most incredible thing is that people we know well excuse these perpetrators and blame the victims. Two very good school friends of my husband's, Rainer Köhler and Wolfgang Kurrle, Stuttgart, did exactly that. When he told them about my situation in the telecommunications office, he did not know that both of them were now also working at the post office; because they had insidiously kept that from him. When they heard my story, Wolfgang Kurrle said literally that if someone like me didn't know where her place is as a woman, then she should be thrown out immediately. And Rainer Köhler went one step further and said what I would think of myself as, I should be happy to be able to work at the post office.If a woman like me would talk about equality, then a woman like that would belong in immediately and for life in a psychiatric institution.
But the most incredible thing is that people we know well excuse these perpetrators and blame the victims. Two very good school friends of my husband's, Rainer Köhler and Wolfgang Kurrle, Stuttgart, did exactly that. When he told them about my situation in the telecommunications office, he did not know that both of them were now also working at the post office; they had insidiously kept that from him. When they heard my story, Wolfgang Kurrle said literally that if someone like me didn't know where her place is as a woman, then she should be thrown out immediately. And Rainer Köhler went one step further and said what I would think of myself as, I should be happy to be able to work at the post office.If a woman like me would talk about equality, then a woman like that would belong in immediately and for life the psychiatric institution.
That was the end of the friendship. And today many men still think so, there is only a semblance of equality and that is a big lie worldwide.

My brother-in-law and half-brother , Fred Kanitz, Stuttgart(a great misogynist violent and perverse bastard) of my husband, the super-bully and wife beater:
I was only 18 years old at the beginning of the endless terror by this women hater (1974-1986) .
My brother-in-law (Fred Kanitz Stuttgart), a wealthy and successful independent businessman, with mansions, houses at home and abroad, mobbed and terrorized everyone, invariably. He was also still a domestic violent offender, who abused my first sister-in-law and his two children daily and he is always unpunished. Above all, he humiliated my husband without end. He stopped at no one. From the beginning my brother-in-law terrorized me, harassed me and called me with vulgar sexist names like stupid slut, silly bitch, frigid virgin. He always claimed that he had seen me in the city at night, especially in the red light district, with strange men, one time he was brought to lie because I was in bed in my parents house at the time with a dangerous pneumonia. My parents wanted him to see him never anymore because of these heinous lies. At another time, when I was supposed to get an good apprenticeship at the tax office, he made a telephone call there, pretended to be my husband, and claimed that I was pregnant. I didn't get the job because of this great lie. He was obviously afraid that his machinations as tax consultants would be discovered by the tax office, which are probably not quite in order, because how do you become so rich as a tax consultant. That was just one of many intrigues against me. But he also used the bank accounts of my husband and my mother-in-law as a tax advisor and took money, there was only no report about that, because my mother-in-law threatened with suicide, if my husband and I were going to the police. The brother of my husband boasted in the presence of all acquaintances and relatives of homicide and rape of South American Indians made by him and his men in South America, where he had haciendas in Paraguay and Uruguay and he had also sex with female minors in Brazil and Florida. His first wife found evidences. We think today that he had at that time connections to people, involved in human trafficking and arms smuggling.

My mother-in-law had great fear and always said to me I should shut my mouth about that, otherwise it could be uncomfortable for me. All people at that time were silent, nobody was going to the police and I was a underaged girl and later a very young woman. If only one person went with me to the police to tell about this evil man, but they all were afraid, very afraid. My brother-in-law forced his first wife to have three abortions in just one year and beat her daily during her two pregnancies, and the second wife had to get sterilized abroad at the age of 25 because he hated children.

Whenever we had family reunions, he always came too late, we were not allowed to start drinking coffee until he came, otherwise he was raging. His wife and children always came with blow marks, he constantly insulted me with sexually disgusting comments. I'm a very quick-witted and courageous person, I think, but I've been nearly assaulted by him on several occasions because I objected and stopped him to hit his children and his wife on the coffee table. In one case he wanted to beat the children and his wife at the birthday table of my mother-in-law before my eyes. I intervened and he said he like beating a bitch like me. After everyone was dumbfounded and trembling with fear, I said, go ahead, I've always wanted to use the bone crusher trick from my judo course on a living subject. And another time, he said to my mother-in-law's old girlfriends that such women as me he would meet otherwise only in brothels. Yes, I said, it has been rumored that you are the main customer in our city brothel, there was now a syphilis epidemic. The two old ladies were trembling all over and snow-white. After a short time there was no contact with my brother-in-law until today. He verbally and physically terrorized and mistreated his female employees, a father of a underaged trainee complained to me that his daughter had almost committed suicide, I could only point out that he must contact a lawyer and police, what else could not be done. The brother of my husband deceived and decimated all his business associates and friends. They all complained to me and my husband too about this.

Although my brother-in-law also humiliated my second sister-in-law Martina Kanitz(a silly goose with the brain of a bale of straw), among other things he called her his young free hooker to third parties, she bullied hard. She terrorized the young female employees in my brother-in-law's tax advice office; he was verbal, physically violent, and sexually harassing the girls and women. She regularly slandered me, I couldn't even answer at the telephone when she called because she was telling at once lies about my hello at the phone. She said then, she thinks a strange man was in my house, how stupid my husband is, my husband has horns like a bull, because this little slut (me) is cheating him. She also bullied my brother-in-law's daughter and my old mother-in-law, apparently she had nothing else to do but spin intrigue. It is really a shame how such women support perpetrators.

At the end, the old parents were on the line, first my very ill father-in-law, whom the brother of my husband accused in the hospital of being a simulant and that he was a case for the psychiatry. When I intervened, he terrorized my mother-in-law, telling her to ban me form visiting the ill old man. He did not achieve that. When my father-in-law died, he bullied my seriously ill mother-in-law, along with his second wife, who had just married him for the money and was a true luxury female. He humiliated my first sister-in-law and the children endlessly with his second wife. As my mother-in-law and her twin sister told me, before the divorce, they caught my second sister-in-law and my brother-in-law having sex in a toilet in a luxury restaurant while my first sister-in-law was still in the restaurant with the children. My second sister-in-law immediately after the divorce made sure that the children came out of the house as soon as they were of legal age. She said about me, that I would always look like a "catching a men" woman and a around sleeping slut. That says that woman who has sex in a local toilet with a married man, my brother-in-law. As an female acquaintance of my first sister-in-law told me about my second sister-in-law, that this woman is damned calculating, because when she had a fight with my brother-in-law, she told this acquaintance in confidence that the man was disgusting and humiliating and bad in sex, but her mother had said to her " lie down , close your eyes and think of all the money we have then. "Obviously, this tactic worked. When my mother-in-law, whom we cared for on her own, as well as for my father-in-law, although my brother-in-law had five minutes his office and his house, became ill during our vacation, a female neighbor asked my brother-in-law for help. That was a goddamn mistake, because he pushed the poor old neighbor woman when he came almost down the stairs, screaming in rage, and my mother-in-law was forced by him and my sister-in-law Martina Kanitz to pack her things and the poor old woman was leave with their suitcases in tears from my second sister-in-law in the doorway of a retirement home. In the meantime, my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and playful grandson have looted my mother-in-law's account, along with the cleaning lady, sharing the most valuable stamps and coins from my father-in-law's collections, jewelry, and elegant clothing.

When we got our mother-in-law out of the old people's home, the disaster had already happened. My mother-in-law threatened suicide if we went to the police. So she died completely broken in another modern retirement home, because it turned out that she had severe Alzheimer's. Before, my brother-in-law wrote two bad letters, we could take care of her now, he declines any responsibility. Since 1986 my husband has no contact any more with this heinous brother.

But I found it really disgusting that my brother-in-law could abuse underage girls abroad with impunity and nobody punished him for it. He deliberately abused underage girls in South America because he knew that sexual abuse is considered normal sex here. But I don't understand why sex offenders who travel specially abroad, i.e. South America, e.g. Brazil or Asia, Thailand, to live out their perverse sex fantasies on minors, are not punished. Interpol should be more active here, because sometimes the perpetrators are not only satisfied with sexual torture and rape but then continue until the victim's painful death.
Well, evil exists, right.

I am stalked and harassed by an misogynist ex-tenant (a cowardly sadistic and sexually perverse asshole, Adis Fazlic, Melbourne, he told my husband that he did sometimes that he was sometimes living in Germany, there in Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Hessen, in Bosnia, in Austria, there in Graz and Salzburg, and at last in Australia, Melbourne) and his entire circle of friends. At the beginning I was 48 years old. The terror is lasting for 17 years (2004-until now), I cannot believe that, but it's true. There were damages to property, slander on the Internet, cyber mobbing, telephone terror, rape threats and death threats. I got many sadistic rape porns and I was called a slut, which deserves rape. My husband e-mailed the tenant after he moved out for his outrageous behavior, the stalker then accused us of being liars and stalkers.
There are really female (a girl called herself Almira Dobruna on the phone at the time and told me I would get what I deserved, all Christian women were sluts and she would grab Adis Fazlic, who would be a good match and I was just a stupid slut in her eyes, Honestly, the guy can only congratulate himself on such a girl if it is so, because she is also a definite psychopath, a stupid one in my sight, if the name is correct). and male idiots worldwide who find stalking women and girls funny. Although stalking is a vicious and extremely cowardly crime. There are now countless cases of group stalking and witch hunts around the world, especially online. But also privately the women and girls are downright harassed by groups, whether on campus, at school, or by acquaintances of the perpetrator at every turn, everything is possible and largely unpunished.
I would never have thought, although I have been in several organizations for women, girls, children and victims' rights and am committed, that I would be affected one day. After all, by the time it caught me, I was already 48 years old and the stalking continues to this day, probably precisely because I'm a committed person and, above all, a woman.
When my husband was looking for a tenant for the student apartment at the time, we noticed that the rental advertisement in the University of Stuttgart was constantly being torn down and that foreign men called me during the day to ask whether the apartment was still vacant, including my ex-tenant. I had a very bad feeling so that I was against to give this man a apartment near us. However, since I was about to go into hospital and have surgery, my husband rented to this man against my advice and my discomfort. That had extremely bad consequences for me and everyone around me. From today's perspective, I think that it owes it to a careless female Austrian pen friend who, which I did not know, was also stalked and in whose hometown the ex-tenant has relatives and acquaintances, must have annoyed these people. Since she had put up photos of me in the house, hung up my full address with telephone number, etc. and was affected by several serious break-ins and stalking, every normal person can imagine why I was and am suddenly in the sights of stalking.
Right at the start of the rental I was in the hospital for some time and saw the stalker walking up and down in front of the hospital in the evening. He probably got the address through my husband, where he came into the house every day under pretexts, in the next house was his student apartment. In the meantime, letters and parcels for me, address lists disappeared and under the pretext of repairing my husband's computer, it was contaminated with Trojans, spyware and virus and sex mail.
When I got back from the hospital I had a hell of a stalking problem and I was really glad when the stalker moved out after 3.5 months (at that time Adis Fazlic was working for Bosch Stuttgart for 6 months, so he said to my husband) . And my husband was very angry, he said, that this guy visited him daily and was standing in the sitting room in front of my pictures, always saying, that I am so beautiful. Every husband gets angry, if something in this kind happened.
Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the story.
Do you find it funny, for example, when he calls 2008 under a false name, why I would have left an environmental organization and joined a women's organization. I have no idea how he got this information.
Or that if I go to a harbor party in Stuttgart 2008 with a female friend, someone calls me that he would pay me back for the party and that the car tires of my friend and her daughter had been scratched completely and very badly by strangers that night?
Digging out garden plants and stone steps and human shit in the garden is even less fun. One evening my best female friend brought me home and we saw a heavy garden step on the sidewalk below the garden stairs. It takes two strong men to do something like this.
Here, too, cigarette butts were found nearby, and in many other cases these cigarette remains were everywhere (around my house, my garden, the garden stairs, the garage, the rubbish bins and paper bins, the yard, my firm and all offices I had working for at that time), for example during the incidents in my cure in Hesse 2007 (here on the balcony), my cure in the Black Forest in 2012 (here in front of the door,, had no balcony), during my vacation with my parents and my son in Bavaria in 2004 (here the cigarette butts were strewn on the smoking balcony), on our Carinthia vacation with my husband and son in Austria in 2006 (there were many cigarette butts under the bench in front of our bedroom window). I also found the reactions in all these cases outrageous. Because I thought it was stupid that the male cure management in Hesse did nothing, where I complained unsuccessfully with some other cure guests about the two night incidents and the same case was the stupid reaction from the reception in Austria in 2006, who really claimed that someone had accidentally been at the door at night, although this someone almost smashed the door and behind our holiday home was a public parking lot. Just as incomprehensible was the reaction of the staff in the Black Forest, who told me and the other women below me, who were startled by the nocturnal noise, that someone had accidentally tried to break open my door and the take of the elevator back and forth it is not also a crime.

The behavior of the hotel staff in Bavaria 2004 was not clever either, because they said it was common for male admirers to get into the ladies' balcony at night, here the gentleman would probably have used the wrong balcony (a mother with a small child) . Very funny or...

No sign of security in any of the cases, it was just a matter of covering up the incidents and nothing else. Because the balconies in the cure clinic in Hessen 2007 were freely accessible from the outside by stairs and it turned out that the garden area and the door were not locked, there was no security service. This was also the case in the cure clinic in the Black Forest in 2012, here neither the premises nor the public access to the elevator was locked. The grounds of the holiday homes in Austria were freely accessible and the front doors of the holiday homes were never locked. The same was the case with the hotel in Bavaria 2004, where the front door was open all the time for late returnees and the reception was unoccupied at night. Very reckless and in all cases a paradise for stalkers.

I would also like to mention that in the early morning from 2004-2006, when my son was at school and my husband at work, I saw from time to time bearded, dark-haired foreign young men who were completely unknown to me, disguised with peaked caps and dark sunglasses , ranging stormy my doorbell at my front door. If I had opened up these very vicious looking guys, I wouldn't be able to write that today, I'm damn sure. Incidentally, this also happened at the same time in a remote office of my company, where I was temporarily employed. Even in my absence, strange, bearded foreign men broke into the stairwell and tried to gain access to the offices, where only two women worked in the very early morning and the very late evening. Our female boss told my female colleagues that we were all paranoid, that men could be wrong on the doorstep and that she forbade them to call the police under threat of labor law consequences. When they did it anyway, the male police had no desire to do anything and presented them as hysterical, I found out by chance because a police officer called me afterwards and said that the female colleagues should perhaps receive psychological care and when I did vehemently contradicted, he said, then I would probably have the same problem. Believe it or not, I got into another verbal argument with that idiot about it, even though I wasn't even there at those incidents. Then the colleagues and I got fed up with this patriarchal police force. If these men had come into the offices, it would have ended badly for all women, including me. Promised! But as long as there are stupid female bosses like this mindless misogynist idiot, such perpetrators have an easy time of it

The sexual deepfakes since 2004 until now that have been floating around on the Internet since then are also not funny, bad sex contacts and porn sites are linked with my name and that is not at all funny for someone who has been fighting against pornography since 1977. But it now seems to be a male sport of sexual sadists worldwide. For example, recently, the German Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock was posted by unknown perverts fake nude photos of her on the internet with the headline, "I was young and needed the money." Only perverts find this funny. Deepfakes and revenge porn are the new weapon of misogynists and sexual sadists. Unfortunately, these disgusting tail-driven cowards mostly go unpunished. It hits all female people, no matter how old, no matter how prominent, no matter how careful or decent. Misogyny is celebrated and applauded around the world and is not punished. I find that a real disgrace to humanity.

My husband reported the tenant on suspicion of terrorism after the rent time because the tenant had the behavior of a terrorist and friendships with very uncanny appropriate islamic people and and the tenant stayed suspiciously often in the suspected terrorist mosques in Stuttgart that were under surveillance.Often these mosques were searched on suspicion of terrorism, visitors were arrested and these mosques closed.

I think my ex-tenant is a very narcisstic and manipulating man who is capable of anything. Shortly before moving out, he was seen laughing and taking a pistol at the head of his then-female acquaintance in a car below the house. At the same time, my shocked husband informed me that the tenant had bought and shown him a sadistic porn with rape gang bangs and forced anal sex on the same day, saying, that is the kind women must be treated, when his girlfriend wanted sanitary napkins because of heavy bleedings.
I think also that my ex-tenant is a psychopathic man who makes with other people what he want. We knew immediately what had happened. During his short tenant-time he had a girlfriend and many One-Night-Stands, but in spite of that, he stalked me. And he defamed me in the neighborhood as woman, that slept around. I found these incidents particularly outrageous towards the end of the rental period. On one of my well-deserved vacation days I caught the tenant with my hand in the mailbox and he claimed that mail from him had landed in my mailbox. Stolen mail is a typical stalker behavior. I would have kicked him out if he hadn't already quit. Immediately afterwards a female friend of many years, my son's godmother, visited me. When she left late in the evening, everything was still in order around our house. The next morning both garbage cans were open and the used sanitary towels from me and the female tenant over the student apartment were scattered all over the courtyard over the student apartment. Our suspicions immediately fell on the tenant. He claimed it was the birds. We then realized that we had a liar and a psychopath in the house. As if birds had nothing to do but open garbage lids at night and scatter used sanitary towels.

During the whole stalking time I noticed that he wanted to disrupt and destroy all my social contacts, which is also typical stalker behavior. Even when I went on a well-deserved Allgäu vacation in Bavaria with my parents and my son a few weeks 2004 after the end of the rental period and had a stranger on the balcony at night, the tenant made himself more than suspicious than a kangaroo postcard after returning home from him to my son was in our mailbox, as if he had written to my son from Australia. Only there was no postmark or postmark on the card. I knew then! Particularly annoying during this vacation were the many anonymous love messages on the cell phone, which the cell phone provider on site in Bavaria could not clarify and also could not find the sender. This is also typical stalker behavior. After the departure of the tenant informed me the mother of a female tenant in the apartment above him that this was probably drugged with drugs, raped and was now blackmailed. Since the female tenant no longer talked to us and then moved out and probably no police turned on, we could unfortunately do nothing. Murder and rape threats to me were signed with Jack from Hell. I got a photo sent from the blowjob with about twelve years old girl, I recognized him on the liver spot and dimples on the chin, on the dark hair and the clothes. And I got anonymous many rape porn with E-Mail with calling me a dumb bitch and prostitute.

From a forum for stalking victims in 2004, I and all those who wanted to help me, were bullied out by him and other unknowns (mostly female bullies, stupid cows that have forgotten brains somewhere) within a few days. I was no longer anonymous, because my appearance and my place of residence was described. A pen pal discovered a forum where my tenant bragged that he was going to end the conflict with a woman with a bottle in her vagina, attached with a corresponding cruel X-ray image of such a crime. What a sadistic human pig! At the end of the rent time happened something very strange. My tenant was a very tall and very strong man, when I realized that he was planning something evil when I was home alone one day, I invited my parents and let them park their car somewhere else. He came then and was very angry when I was not alone, he was sweating heavily, claiming that he wanted to pay me the rent cash today and pulled out a bundle of unbelievable many money , which seemed very strange to me. He explained to me that he had received all the money as an allowance from his internship company. But he had ten times as much money in hand as would be possible with an allowance. After he moved out and I heard from the old mother of the female young tenant with her little daughter in the apartment above the student apartment that this female tenant had been blackmailed for 24,000 euros, I had my own thoughts on this matter. This young female tenant had already complained at the beginning of the tenant's rental period that a stranger was always on her terrace at night and she showed me the big male tracks in the snow. When I said at the time whether she suspected the new tenant, she was speechless and said that he was such a nice man, that was not possible. I was begging her to be careful, but as it turned out later, she was not careful.

Because towards the end of the rental period I heard violent sex with the windows open from her apartment and from the young female tenant in the attic in one week. My husband said maybe they'd like rough sex, that I shouldn't embarrass myself and we must do nothing. It was not the friends of the two ladies, because the cars we know were not in the yard. After that, both of them stopped talking to us and moved out one after the other. It would have been better if these two women had confided in me, much better ... But unfortunately I have to say that if we had reported something at the time, the male police officers would have laughed at us and the perpetrator would have been unreachable in Australia and if he ever answered something I don't believe, this wanker would have claimed that the sex was would have taken place with the consent of the ladies, or even better, it wasn't him at all, the two ladies would have had men visiting all the time and shouldn't accuse him as a decent man. It often goes like that, doesn't it. He is a evil psychopathic liar, and capable of anything that I know to be evil.
There are also frequent incidents (during the rental period and even today after removal of the tenant) with nocturnal shots below the house, nocturnal destruction of a flower bank, flower pots, outdoor lamps, outdoor cameras, motion detectors, garden furniture in the garden, digging plants and stone steps at night, murdered birds and mice around the house and in the garbage containers. Removal of the garbage containers or paper containers at night with removal of the contents, nightly damage to the company car (scratching, loosening the wheel nuts, piercing the tires).And until now we hear unknown men nightly around the house, under the house and the garden. A girlfriend of mine saw unknown foreign men in cars under the house nightly together with her friend, these people were driving always quickly away when they saw my girlfriend and her friend. Apart from the fact that he did not even pay his monthly newspaper and told the newspaper I would pay it.

Again and again, someone unknown goes around the house at night. When I threw hard fruit out of the skylight several times a night and hit the shadow, I heard from the sounds that it was a man.
Since my ex-tenant had intercepted mail from me during his tenancy and spied constantly in the paper container at night in discarded postal items, he came so to the addresses of girlfriends, pen pals and colleagues. These people were massively harassed on the Internet and privately with telephone terror, property damages, break-ins and burglary attempts. A female friend of mine, who lived below my house in Stuttgart, was harassed by a whole unknown Arab clique until she threatened with the police. Not surprisingly, in the years that followed, I saw this man again and again nearby, near the house, in the tram, the tram stop in my neighborhood, my workplace, near my girlfriend's apartment, either alone or together with an unknown man or an unknown woman, either in changing cars with different license plates or without a car. With beard, glasses, sunglasses or without. My son also saw him differently in the car parks near his school. When I saw him once in front of the shopping center of our district in the morning, my imitated photos were gone for 6 weeks. And my photos disappeared so often in this shopping center that I changed them because the situation also became very scary for the female employees of the photo department, they couldn't explain it and never had such a case. In my case, it will not surprise anyone that with the many hacker attacks on my husband's computer, photo files have disappeared, and only photos of me.

On a vacation in Bayern 2004 and a cure in Hessen 2007, I had an unknown very big man at night on the balcony, which was also noticed by others. In another cure in Baden-Württemberg, in the Black Forest, 2012, a unknown man wanted nightly to break in in my room, that was noticed by others too. In addition, we had two private burglary attempts 2006 and a break-in attempt in our Austrian apartment 2006 and during a Stuttgarter hospital stay in 2015 a dark haired big man tried at night to invade in my room, which was noticed with a loud shout of a female patient in my room and the man escaped. When a movie theater we visited in 2008 with my son and his friend, had to be evacuated because of a decaying, stinking dead animal that unknown people had left behind us, my son and his friend saw our ex-tenant with an unknown woman leaving the cinema. In addition, the ex-tenant repeatedly called me with false identities professionally and privately, so in the presence of my son in December 2015, when I was just was released from a serious tumor surgery from the hospital, my ex-tenant called himself Mr. Unterberg. At the hospital last night, an unknown tall, dark-haired man tried to get into my room, but he was expelled by a fellow female patient. The stalking of another girlfriend in Austria was so extreme ,with lots of scary harassments, break-ins and a stolen dog, that she goes with her husband to the police, but the police could not find out everything, in all other cases it was the same.

My meaning is, the male police means, that all the women are hysterical and implausible. I think nothing of the thesis that stalker are admirers and are harmless, I think this thesis simply idiotic and stupid and it was probably invented to protect these harassment. In this case, of course, I also got calls from unknown women and girls who laughed on the phone or sent love couple hotlines at my birthday and at Christmas, of course these incredibly stupid girls and women also bullied me away from a forum for stalking victims in Hessen, in which they defended the perpetrator there , although I was anonymous, after that I was it no longer. The male administrator in 2004 was a misogynist too and always on the side of the men not the women. Why can make such an idiot made a staling forum, that is unbelievable.

The stalking perpetrator sent me BDSM Revenge porn from his female friends with the comment that all women and girls are stupid, worthless sluts. And after threats the school of my son was burnt down by unknown in 2006. But that was not all: I got ugly dick pics and pics with blowjob sex with underaged girls, what a mess! There is constant pollution of the garden, the garden stairs around the house, the house parking lot, the trash cans and paper containers with dead, apparently killed animals, with blood, black hair, human shit and many disgusting cigarette butts. From his name AF he means that his name means nothing else as the greatest Asshole fucker of the world and his porn mails he calls often Asshole fever.

I found the unexplained group rape of my Canadian friend's daughter in England in 2010, where we both suspected, because she was extremely harassed, that this was contract rape. This daughter had found out something about my stalking, and later she was no longer able to tell anything. A rape was played to me on the phone in 2010, at first I thought it was a bad joke, then when I found out about the rape in England I thought differently about it. But the police in England didn't feel like doing very much, gang rape by foreigners is part of everyday life there. In England it is still believed that the rape victims are their own fault and that they are even asked in court about the appearance of their underwear. Absolutely hideous, this patriarchal justice system that always protects the perpetrators and blames the victims. I found the incidents in Austria just as disgusting, where my female Austrian friend was also extremely harassed and the dog of her mother, who was suffering from cancer, was stolen. The perpetrator mocked on the phone that they did not deserve this dog. Unfortunately, I have to make it clear that if we only look at so-called Muslim culture in Muslim countries alone, then we don't have to look the other way when it comes to contempt for women and gender apartheid. As it happened earlier for the negro slaves in America, so it is now for women in all Muslim countries, in many countries it is hardly possible for women and girls to survive because of slavery, FGM, child marriage, bestial executions and punishments for female victims of violence, mostly all are affected. Looking the other way under the pretext of religious freedom and racism is pure cowardice and supports femicides, which are primarily triggered by religious misogyny. Religious misogyny in Europe in the Middle Ages, for example, cost the lives of 9 million women, girls and female children during the witch hunts in 400 years, all of them were brutally tortured, mutilated, raped, humiliated and tormented and mostly burned alive, those who did not confess were drowned, although if they were drowned, their innocence was then proven. Wealthy widows, healing women and midwives were preferentially murdered, which can be explained by the patriarchal misogyny that wants to control everything.

In addition, I have no understanding for hate criminals and do not understand why the perpetrators are excused and the victims accused worldwide.
Sexually oriented hate crimes, as I have described them, include very harsh punishments, namely surgical castration, very long prison sentences, preventive detention and in the event of death or great sadism in the offenses, for example serial offenders, group and mass rape, serious injuries and mutilation of victims, especially babies, children and minors, the death penalty and nothing else. We should finally stop apologizing for criminals, otherwise nothing will ever change and our world will eventually fall into the darkest darkness, where a life for women, girls and children is no longer possible.

And someone like these evil culprits is defended by women and girls, is that still possible? It can not only be explained with a Stockholm Syndrome, cowardice or stupidity, but that many women and girls are also misogynistic. But these stupid women have forgotten that the perpetrators love betrayal and not the traitor.

Worst of all, in all the cases above, some women alerted the police, but the male police were reluctant to investigate and absolutely nothing came of it. I personally couldn't get anyone to go to the police with me. I think the main reason was that everyone thought this man and his friends were Islamic terrorists and they didn't want to put themselves in any danger because of me. Cowardice is unfortunately widespread and not only in Germany.

The unintelligible thing about the whole thing is, all Criminals, Rapists, Mobbers and Stalkers had spectators, bystanders and helpers and people, which are looking away, also females. How can women and girls in this world be so stupid to be not on their own side?
I have therefore the opinion that the cowardly crimes hate crimes against females, stalking, bullying and rape are punished as hard as possible and that helpers, bystanders and spectators must be also severely punished.
Bullying, hate crimes and stalking, rape culture should not be more straightforward in the future. In cases where hate crimes, gender based violence, bullying and stalking leads to death or ends with rape, gang rape, sexual torture, murder and suicide, there should be high lifelong imprisonment for all parties, including helpers and spectators.

Anita Kanitz, Stuttgart, Germany
4 months ago
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