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Making Six Ages For IOS: A Retrospective
The like blog post, unless instead noted, was written by a enthusiast of Gamasutras community.The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company.
Six Ages: Ride in the manner of the Wind was an attempt to recreate the magic of King of Dragon Pass, both from a game decree sense, and from the personal perspective of a creator making something special as soon as a great team. King of Dragon Pass managed to save some people playing for nearly two decades. Making it was for me an unbelievable collaboration.

The game is a strange immersion of narrative and turn-based strategy, drawing on the rich background of Greg Staffords Glorantha. The balance is driven by making narrative choices, and held together by a politico-economic model that provides context and meaning to those decisions. And your strategic decisions can upshot in extra narratives.

The scope of the game is next unusual, in that youre in conflict of a little clan whose savings account unfolds higher than several generations. Individual characters advise you and kill your decisions, but they may die of archaic age before the game is over.

Heres a postmortem of the move forward process.

Improving the Formula
Why tamper past what works? more than its long life, King of Dragon Pass has sold nearly 200K copies. so Six Ages is a same game. But we tried to complement the weaker areas and double the length of upon the strong points.

Id already simplified KoDP a bit for its 2.0 reboot, but there were still fiddly bits bearing in mind precisely allocating house use, worrying more or less precise labor allocation, and counting individual beans, er, Bushels of food. A extra system of Ventures, or special tasks, lets you distinct fields or pastures without distressing roughly the numbers. This mechanic handles a broad variety of economic chores, giving the artist a lot of rule exceeding how to designate the clans labor. And we now understand your clan knows how to feed itself, and you by yourself upset more or less having a tolerable remoteness to create it to the adjacent harvest.

Heroquestsreenactments of myths on the further Sideare a unique feature of the setting. They are deliberately unpredictable, to be authenticated to Greg Staffords writings. This often annoyed KoDP players. In Six Ages we made several changes in the ritual visits to the Otherworld, in particular providing an in-game bank account of what went wrong (for example, She said she should not have time-honored Yamsur to help. every the stories suggested he wouldnt.). We with reach something thesame for failure in more mundane situations (<testee> said Nyalda might have heard our pleas if wed devoted more ritual grow old to pasture magic at Sacred Time.).

Your advisors have personalities, and we bonus further quirks (e.g. the song Quoter and Xenophobe), and made clear that your clan council would sometimes chat to or nearly each other (since that was one of my favorite bits of KoDP). They may with initiate events to additional their own agendas.

Under the hood, we rationalized how realization chances were calculated, and came happening behind a gymnastic system of concerns, which are really ongoing modifiers to a leaders odds of deed or the economic model. This made emergent properties easier for the designers to understand, and helped run by things to players.

Part of the formula was the mythic setting, Glorantha. We went all in on exploiting Gloranthas rich background, environment the game in what KoDP regards as the age of mythology.

Map of GloranthaEven while the game was in a less documented times and place, we still had a lot of Gloranthan lore to appeal from. We bonus extra details as needed, expanding on material written before KoDP came out.

Greg Stafford, the creator of Glorantha, had retired and I didnt in point of fact have the chance to sham following him again. He did create some useful comments further on in development. I was in close edit in imitation of Chaosiums Creative Director, and we shared ideas and maps. Youll find some of our art in Chaosium products.

Once once more I was clever to fake in imitation of unquestionably clever people. The Six Ages team was virtual, move ahead across many countries and era zones. Ive never met most of them in person. But I didnt habit to limit my search for the best people to those I could meet afterward face-to-face, let alone portion an office with. To stay in touch, I experimented similar to using Slack later we had a small society of concept artists. This turned out to decree certainly well. (It utterly helps that correspondingly many people right to use and write English, even if its not their native language.) We didnt end taking place when the same sort of cohesive team you can get in the same way as everyone is working in the thesame being tone but it nevertheless felt like a team. And next again, it felt to me later than a good collaboration.

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