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Free collection of garden refuse bins.

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We of Welwyn Hatfield Council community are now required to pay a 35 pounds a year sum on top of council tax that we are paying alongside in order to have the council take our garden refuse.


If we do not pay this, they simply won't empty it for us, leaving us to have to get rid of all types of garden waste which is as follows grass and tree cuttings,shrubs etc,domestic animal waste,and food waste.



We apparently can take it to the local tip or keep in a compost heap, which will either be smelly or stressful as who wants to put gross rubbish in their domestic car(if they have one) and possible animal waste extrement etc in there I know most people would be objectionable !

If people opt out of this payable service which is on top of the council tax, these things can occur like a influx of wild animal infestations, horrendous smells in the summer, and last but not least, an increase in garden bonfires.

This poses a possible fire safety risk,and also a possible environmental impact from the fumes from the smoke,and safety hazard to children present at the domestic fires ,fires possibly getting out of control leading to possible serious accidents or death!

Threats to local wildlife and also fly tipping may also occur. 

We are asking that this 35 pounds payment gets scrapped for council house  tenants , housing association and vulnerable people that can't afford this. 

Many thanks for reading this petition. 

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