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On  Tuesday, April 3rd 2018, a player named Coco was banned from playing the Warcraft 3 custom game "Island Defense" on the Enterprise Gaming servers (ENT gaming) which make up a good majority of custom games on the wc3 platform, and pretty much 100% of island defense games.

Coco was banned by a member of the ENT gaming moderation staff for supposedly "maphacking" IE, using 3rd party software to view the entire game area, and see things that the enemy players don't, thereby gaining an unfair advantage. 


Now, most members of the island defense community know the Coco absolutely doesn't maphack, as he's played around 8000 games of island defense on the ENT platform. Not only does the massive volume of games coco has played show that him maphacking is highly unlikely (he's never been reported for maphacking before despite playing a massive volume of games) but also that he's a strong enough player, because of his thousands of games, that he's developed a powerful 6th sense for island defense, and instinctually knows what other less experienced players will do and where they will go in the game.


Coco was not only banned at the discretion of one single player, but was banned mere hours after beating this player in a game of island defense. His only crime was to outplay a member of the ENT moderation staff, who unfortunately was upset enough to ban him and ignore the impact that this ban would have on Coco.


Coco plays island defense for 10 hours a day. Island Defense is Coco's main outlet to blow off steam from his stressful life in North Korea. Most video games (and even most of the internet) is banned in North  Korea, so he can only play 20 year old games like Warcraft 3. In addition, Coco couldn't appeal the ban, because he only speaks North Korean. The ENT gaming moderation staff has chosen to pick on this non-english speaking player just because 1 member of the staff was upset about losing to Coco in the game that Coco loves to play. 


This may not seem like the most important issue to you, but it's very important to one person. Coco hasn't been able to do the one thing that he loves for almost 2 weeks now. If you feel for Coco, and want to help him

LET THE ENTERPRISE GAMING STAFF KNOW!! Tell them that they acted too hastily, and that they are hurting one of their biggest fans, who appreciates their services in hosting classic games such as Island Defense, Legion TD and Defense of the Ancients on the deprecated (but still beloved) Warcraft 3 platform. 

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