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Free Clint Palmer From QLD Health Imprisoned For 13+ Years Under False ID

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QLD Mental Health is currently abusing Clint Benjamin Palmer, of Kawana Waters, QLD, AUSTRALIA, born on the 22/2/1979, tortured, and held against his will. Clint has been held against his will for over 13 years unlawfully. Clint is daily fighting for his life. His 'health support workers' are negligent in their treatment of Clint. Although Clint has committed no crime, and is not a danger to himself or anyone else, he has been incarcerated, chemically lobotomized and chemically castrated. His weight has dropped dangerously. He is extremely unhappy being held against his will, and his health and emotional well being has been completely neglected. Clint has been hidden from his chosen 'Allied Person', and prevented from receiving phone calls or visits by said 'Allied Person'; Glen Stuhmcke. He has also been hidden from the person with the responsibility of 'enduring power of attorney', his mother Maree Palmer. Support from those closest to him has been severely restricted and mostly he has been alone, drugged, tortured, abused and held against his will by those that have been paid to facilitate these crimes against him, under the banner of 'Queensland Heath' (ABN 66 329 169 412). Clint has pleaded for help in signed documents, asking that he be set free to live his life. Since Clint has been held captive in the system he has been hidden from his family in various institutions, but on the files of QUEENSLAND HEALTH he had no fixed address! Clint has been abused at the hands of Queensland Mental Health staff in their own institutions. He was subject to 'ELECTROCONVULSIVE THERAPY', otherwise known as 'electro shock treatment' without his consent, beginning before a court was convened, deliberately presenting Clint as impaired. Dr. Lange at Prince Charles medium security unit in Brisbane stated; “ECT's should only be administered when it is a life threatening situation or a catatonic state.” Clint did not display either symptoms of being catatonic or being in a life-threatening situation. He has been forced to endure drug treatment programs that the doctors admit are not helping. They excuse this by labeling Clint as “treatment resistant”, rather than admitting that he does not have schizophrenia at all, but PRESCRIBED drug induced symptoms of schizophrenia. The medications that Clint has been prescribed all have 'hallucinatory, delusional, auditory and visual' side effects, which are of course symptoms of schizophrenia. The doctors have created the symptoms that are presenting as schizophrenia by means of the drugs prescribed. These drug effects are widely known, by the 'practitioners' prescribing them and the information about these drug effects is accessible on drug information sheets on the internet. Clint did not suffer any auditory or visual hallucinations, did not become 'vacant', depressed or “unable to handle his own affairs”, until this medication was forced on him AGAINST HIS WILL! This is the definition of MALPRACTICE! There have been attempts to humiliate and make Clint look impaired in public situations such as when he was released for a funeral and sent wearing women's size 26 clothes and earrings, in an attempt to degrade him. This is not the first time that the Nambour Hospital has been exposed for crimes such as mistreating patients, covering up crimes against patients, malpractice, corruption, mismanagement, and over-medicating. A doctor and four nurses came forward to MP Rob Messenger exposing these crimes in 2012. This was dealt with by changing the management of the hospital but no other action was taken, leaving the criminals still employed by Queensland Health. Clint has an “Enduring power of Attorney”, his Mother, Maree Palmer. Clint's assets were seized via individuals in the PUBLIC TRUSTEE's office without the consent of Clint, his Allied Person or his 'enduring power of Attorney'. The 'adult guardian' that the public trustee were speaking to became Clint’s first of many institute appointed 'Allied Person's'. Agents of the hospital have perpetuated this. They are attempting to conceal their crimes by denying Clint access to anyone outside the system to help him. Clint was incarcerated fraudulently. The person that was originally held in custody under Clint's name was not, in fact, Clint at all, and there is much evidence to support this. It is clear that the person who had stolen Clint's identification was admitted to the 'mental health' ward, Clint's identification being the only identification the man had on his person. Clint’s ex-wife knows this man, she knew he had a ‘speed drug’ addiction and as such was displaying signs of what professionals have termed 'drug induced schizophrenia'. There is evidence, including signed Statutory Declarations by individuals that have stated in truth that they had contact with Clint in the public whilst he was, according to Queensland Mental Health, in their custody, proving this is a case of mistaken identity. His identification was stolen, a fact that Clint made known to the 'Department of Transport' in 2009, and in other documents signed by Clint. Queensland Health and their agents, including Jarrod Bleijie, have been advised of this fraud but refused to act on the information, cutting communication with Clint's Allied Person and Enduring Power of Attorney when they desperately tried to help Clint. This proves high profile Queensland government agents and agencies are complicit and, shirking their duty of care and are negligent. This is a deliberate cover-up, perpetuated by the staff at the Nambour Hospital and other facilities in South East Queensland, extending to QUEENSLAND HEALTH and government ministers. To date, all complaints have been ignored. The kidnapping, detention and drugging of Clint Palmer is a violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human rights.

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