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Give the Boller family their dog back.

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Yesterday, September 10, 2012, the Boller family of Wichita, Kansas had their beloved dog, Buck, taken from them. They had found him four months ago in their back yard, malnourished, dehydrated and astray. They put up flyers and contacted people they suspected owned the dog. Weeks went by and no one came forward or even inquired about the dog. Yesterday, a man that lives just down the street from them saw the dog outside with the family and claimed it was his. He forcefully took it back. He refuses to give it back. The only proof of ownership he has over the dog is a piece of paper stating that he had a dog that he took to the vet and got it vaccinated. There was no description of the dog on the paper. For all we know, he could've taken a Beagle to the vet. Not the Pit Bull Terrier that he claims is his. The Wichita Police department let the supposed "owner" keep the dog. The law states that after 30 days of not being claimed, the property in question should belong to those who found it. They've taken care of this dog for four months and care for it like he's family. They got him fixed, updated on his shots, fed him regularly, took him out for walks and love this dog. They are saddened to have to fight for him. After four months, this "owner" has no right to come out of nowhere and claim that this dog is his. This man has previous drug charges, and a history of animal abuse. We're afraid that he might sell this dog for drug money, abuse him, or even train him to fight. This Pit Bull is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. He's loving and loyal. Help the Boller family get their beloved pet back.

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