Keep "Big John" Van Hazinga Free

Keep "Big John" Van Hazinga Free

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John Van Hazinga
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On August 22nd, 2019 a long-time and reputable Vermont business leader, John Van Hazinga, was arrested and indicted on cannabis-related charges. John and his family were unreasonably distressed in the morning on August 6th, 2019 by State and Federal agents over a plant that countless businesses in other states are actively commercializing. During a time when US states are passing legalization and commercial-use legislation for cannabis, as quickly as they can, we demand a swift release of John.

For decades John, a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, has been a fixture and active member of Burlington Vermont's community through his beloved Ridin High skateboarding shop. After recovering from his brain injury, in 2007, John became a fierce advocate for proper safety and protection in sports, especially skateboarding were helmets are often seen as taboo. Being the caring community leader that he is, John orchestrated an annual helmet safety event, with his skate shop and other local businesses, to benefit local youth and sports fans, alike. The positive impacts John brings to the community over the years are too enumerable to list, but everyone in Burlington Vermont recognizes John as a long-time community leader, an asset, never a threat, always a positive force that others can turn to in a time of need.

Right now, John and his family need the community's love and support! At a time in our country when businesses in some US states are legally capitalizing on commercial cannabis, it's time to stop locking-up our friends and family for the same benign activity. Please sign this petition as a sign of solidarity with Big John, it will show the judges and prosecutors overseeing his legal entanglements that he is, in fact, a valued member of the community and that together we demand his swift release and freedom.

Thank you, and much love!

- Big John's Family